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Tarjetas creadas por mí

Power of attorney/ commercial power of attorney/ commercial proxy
Company law
POLISH CIVIL LAW - introduction to the Civil Code terminology (1)
Contractual rescission right; compensation for loss of contract; delay; default; liquidate damages
POLISH PROPERTY LAW - Conveyancing - transfer of real estate ownership (notary's deed glossary)
Preliminary contract (agreement)
Real estate - acts of law; forms of holding; basic terms
Protection of the personal rights
Set-off premises
Earnest money/ caution money/ deposit; advanced payment/ downpayment
Dokumenty w spółkach
Commercial lease agreement
Reading CAE
Competition law
Negotiable instruments
Creditor - Debtor
Secured transactions
Personal injuries – liability & damages
Personal injuries – dealing with insurance companies
Civil Procedure
Meeting a new client
Całą reszta z komunikacji z LLB
Vocabulary (Matasek. 01)
CAE (Use of English – Gapped Sentences)
Sentence transformations
Multiple choice cloze
Vocabulary (CAE)
Vocabulary (Matasek. 02)
Use od English (CAE)
Use of English. 2 (CAE)
Word formation
01. CAE
01. Vocabulary
02. CAE
03. CAE
04. CAE
Legal English (general vocabulary) - part 1
Legal English (general vocabulary) - part 2
Legal English (general vocabulary) - part 3
Legal English (general vocabulary) - part 4
Irish Sugar (case study)
Making tour case +
alternatives (2)
Practical English for Lawyers (1)
SECTION III. Performance and effects of non-performance of obligations arising from reciprocal contracts
Introduction to civil law
Practical English for Lawyers (2)
01. Basis of FIDIC
Alphabet words (1)
Alphabet words (2)
Alphabet words (3)
02. Definitions
TITLE II. Perpetual usufruct
Alphabet words (4)
Stocks and shares
Tytuły KSH
Limited Joint-Stock Partnership
Land and Mortgage Register (1)
Land and Mortgage Register (2)
SKA (1)
SKA (2)
Land and Mortgage Register (3)
SKA (3)
SKA (4)
Real estate (1)
Real estate (Wordlist)
Civil law (Wordist)
Parts of a contract

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