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The rain will ___?___ for most of the morning, but we are expecting a brighter afternoon.
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Ben was ___?___ to the court for jury duty, but took a doctor's note with him and was excused.
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My two cousins were so excited at the start of the war, they ran downtown and ___?___ up immediately.
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The inquiry into (zapytanie w sprawie) the accident will be ___?___ by Malcolm Jones, a former army general.
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Even early in the city's life, the ___?___ for knowledge led to the founding of a university.
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Politicians have been arguing about the reasons for the ___?___ in the number of unemployed.
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"We will surely ___?___ our problems if we work together on a solution."
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What this soldier did was _______ and beyond his expected duties. He'll be awarded a medal.
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poddać się
Tell me about your childhood again, Margaret. I want to indulge in some old-fashioned nostalgia!

to be on the lookout for
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rozglądać się za
I'm always on the lookout for bargain antiques to add to my collection.

The security system was shown to be far from foolproof when the boss's nine-year-old son guessed the password.

przeterminować się; zepsuć się
The fridge wasn't working well and when I smelled the milk, it had obviously gone off.

to be at fault
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być winnym
Were you at fault for the accident or was someone else to blame?

Can you give any insight ____?_____ why half the students are missing today?
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