Business French
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Business French
Business French is here to help you in your professional life!

No more missing words during the meetings
Become more confident in both professional and private life (take a look at “Socializing & small talk” lesson)
Get to know a diverse vocabulary from different fields (Accounting, Human Ressources, Sales…)
Let yourself look smarter!
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Téléphoner quelqu'un  
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Le service client  
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Le service client (phrases)  
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Les emails  
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Les réunions  
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Les réunions (phrases)  
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Les présentations  
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Some facts about the French language

The French language is spoken by over 300 million people and is an official language in 29 countries of the world. It is rich in culture and literature treasures and has a big importance for many industries worldwide, from engineering to agriculture. It is also an important language for the international job market, international relations and politics, meaning that learning French can bring many advantages for your academic and professional future. VocApp has prepared many French courses for you to enjoy that will develop and enrich your French knowledge.

Learn business French with VocApp

Do you want to watch a business report in French and understand it? Maybe you want to read La Tribune in original? Are you planning to start working in the business field in France? Then this course is exactly for you! VocApp's flashcards are one of the best ways to learn French. We prepared the main business vocabulary in French to take you and your company to a brand new knowledge level!

What will this course bring you?

- You will learn French online and without a professor.
- You can download the course as an mp3 file and learn French with audio.
- You will learn the main French terms for business, their meaning, pronunciation, and usage.
- You will be able to describe your profession, talk about the business routine and your job, start small talks and ask for information, all that in French!
- The new French vocabulary will help you prepare for a meeting, a professional event or an interview in French.
- You will understand the formal speech and be able to conduct your business in French.
- Our flashcards will make everything simple and enjoyable!

More French courses

If you want to further enhance your French vocabulary, proceed to our French Words: Top 1000 Nouns and French Words: Top 500 Verbs courses, created especially for you to learn the most important and common French nouns and verbs. What are you waiting for? Learn French online with VocApp to impress your colleagues and conquer the business world!