Mirka Kiwior

Mirka Kiwior

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VocApp for Schools is an independent online service and application that the School may customise in accordance with their branding, for example by selecting any available domain (e.g. englishschool.vocapp.com or schoolOfEnglish.vocapp.school.com), icons, colour schemes, splash screens, etc.

It's an effective and fun way to learn vocabulary and phrases (available online and through mobile access). Students and teachers can create custom flashcards, which become automatically enhanced with recordings, pictures, examples and translations from the VocApp's resources. Our teaching methodology incorporates the Spaced Repetition System and our users have access to several types of exercises and games.

The application also gives the teachers the chance to prepare and create a list of phrases or sentences during or straight after the class. The lesson can be shared with the whole group so as to give all participants the chance to get instantly on their mobile phones the notes from the lesson. The flashcards can be accessed as well on computers and can be downloaded as mp3 recordings.