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Estoy en VocApp desde hace 387 días. He usado VocApp 379 días. Llevo 281 días seguidos aprendiendo. Soy el autor de 802 lecciones . La última vez que estuve en VocApp, fue el 2023-01-26 21:43:35.

Mis intereses

inglés, francés, español, ruso, lituano

Tarjetas creadas por mí

Paula 10th Jan 2022 (60 min)
Ketrin 10th Jan 2022 (60 min)
Paula 12th Jan 2022 (60 min)
Marcin 13th Jan 2022 (60 min)
Ketrin 14th Jan 2022 (60 min)
Paula 14th Jan 2022 (60 min)
Paula pronunciation
Marcin pronunciation
Loic pronunciation
Loic 15th Jan 2022 (70 min)
Paula 17th Jan 2022 (60 min)
Kasia 17th Jan 2022 (60 min)
Kasia pronunciation
Marcin 18th Jan 2022 (60 min)
Paula 19th Jan 2022 (60 min)
Marcin 20th Jan 2022 (65 min)
Ketrin 21st Jan 2022 (60 min)
Song "No time to die"
Paula 24th Jan 2022 (70 min)
Kasia 24th Jan 2022 (60 min)
Marcin 25th Jan 2022 (65 min)
Loic 25th Jan 2022 (60 min)
Marcin 27th Jan 2022 (50 min)
Paula Verbs
Moja lekcja
Paula 28th Jan 2022 (85 min)
Paula 2nd Feb 2022 (65 min)
Paula 27th Jan (65 min)
Alba #1
Alba #2
Marcin 3rd Feb 2022 (65 min)
Paula 4th Feb (80 min)
Kasia 3rd Feb 2022 (70 min)
Ketrin 4th Feb 2022 (60 min)
Loic 29th Jan 2022 (75 min)
Loic 5th Feb 2022 (60 min)
Ketrin 28th Jan 2022 (60 min)
Paula 7th Feb 2022 (65 min)
Marcin 8th Feb (45 min)
Paula 9th Feb (65 min)
Marcin 10th Feb (45 min)
Loic 10th Feb (45 min)
Loic 12th Feb (60 min)
Ketrin 13th Feb (60 min)
Loic 14th Feb (65 min)
Marcin 15th Feb (45 min)
Moja lekcja
Paula 17th Feb (65 min)
Marcin 17th Feb (40 min)
Marcin adjectives and prepositions
Paula adjectives and prepositions
Kasia adjectives and prepositions
Loic adjectives and prepositions
Paula 18th Feb 2022 (65 min)
Kasia 16th Feb (95 min)
Marcin 22nd Feb (60 min)
Arturas 22nd Feb trial lesson
Paula 23rd Feb (60 min)
Loic 22nd Feb (60 min)
Ketrin 20th Feb (70 min)
Loic 20th Feb (75 min)
Paula 21st Feb (60 min)
Kasia 23rd Feb (90 min)
Marcin 24th Feb (60 min)
Paula 25th Feb (60 min)
Marcin 1st March (60 min)
Arturas 1st March (45 min)
Paula 2nd March (60 min)
Paula 4th March (60 min)
Marcin 3rd March (60 min)
Kasia 2nd March (60 min)
Loic 2nd March (45 min)
Loic 26th Feb (65 min)
Ketrin 4th March (50 min)
Loic 2nd March (45 min)
Loic 5th March (45 min)
Kamila trial class
Kamila 8th March (45 min)
Marcin 8th March (60 min)
Arturas 8th March (45 min) verbs
Gosia Horoszczuk trial class
Arturas verbs part 2
Paula 9th March (60 min)
Kasia 9th March (60 min)
Marcin 10th March (30 min)
Loic 10th March (45 min)
Gosia Horoszczuk 11th March (45 min)
Kamila verbs1
Kamila 11th March (45 min)
Ketrin 11th March (65 min)
Arturas 15th March (45 min) verbs 3
Loic 12th March (45 min)
Loic 15th March (45 min)
Marcin 15th March (65 min)
Paula 16th March (55 min)
Kamila verbs2
Gosia 16th March (45 min)
Kamila 16th March (45 min)
Kasia 16th March (55 min)
Marcin 17th March (60 min)
Ketrin 18th March (60 min)
Ketrin TOEFL vocabulary list (A-D)
Kamila 21st March (45 min)
Arturas 22nd March (50 min)
Marcin 22nd March (65 min)
Kylo #1
Marcin VERBS
Gosia 23rd March (45 min)
Marcin 24th March (60 min)
Kamila 24th March (45 min)
Kasia 23rd March (60 min)
Paula 23rd March (65 min)
Loic 23rd March (45 min)
Paula 25th March (50 min)
Kamila 31st March (40 min)
Paula 30th March (60 min)
Marcin 31st March (50 min)
Paula 1st April (60 min)
Kamila 1st April (45 min)
Gosia 31st March (45 min)
Loic 27th March (45 min)
Loic 1st April (45 min)
Loic 30th March (45 min)
Ketrin 1st April (60 min)
Kasia 30th March (65 min)
Ketrin 26th March (60 mni)
Loic 5th April (45 min)
Marcin 5th April (45 min)
Arturas 5th April (45 min)
Kamila 6th April (45 min)
Marcin 7th April (45 min)
Kasia 6th April (65 min)
Paula 7th April (45 min)
Paula 8th April (45 min)
Marcin 12th April (45 min)
Arturas 12th April (45 min)
Paula 13th April (45 min)
Marcin 14th April (45 min)
Ketrin 15th April (45 min)
Paula 15th April (45 min)
Marcin 19th April (45 min)
Arturas 19th April (45 min)
Paula 20th April (45 min)
Ketrin 20th April (45 min)
Marcin 21st April (45 min)
Dominik 22nd April trial class
Ania 22nd April trial class
Dominik irregular verbs
Marcin 26th April (45 min)
Loic 26th April (45 min)
Dominik 25th April (55 min)
Paula 27th April (45 min)
Arturas 26th April (45 min)
Ania 2nd May (0 min)
Paula 29th April (45 min)
Kasia 29th April (65 min)
Dominik 29th April (35 min)
Ketrin 30th April (55 min)
Dominik 2nd May (45 min)
Arturas 3rd May (45 min)
Paula 4th May (45 min)
7th May class A+B
Ketrin 7th May (45 min)
Dominik 6th May (45 min)
Paula 6th May (50 min)
Marcin 5th May (45 min)
Kasia 4th May (45 min)
Agata Woźnicka 9th May (trail)
Agata irregular verbs
Dominik 9th May (45 min)
Marcin 10th May (45 min)
Marcin 28th April (45 min)
Arturas 10th May (50 min)
Paula 11th May (50 min)
Kasia 11th May (45 min)
Marcin 12th May (45 min)
Kasia 11th May (45 min)
Dominik 13th May (45 min)
Agata W. 16th May (45 min)
Marcin 16th May (45 min)
Dominik 16th May (45 min)
Paula 13th May (30 min)
Paula 18th May (70 min)
Agata W. 19th May (45 min)
Random #1 kitchen
Arturas 17th May (45 min)
Kasia 19th May (45 min)
Dominik 20th May (45 min)
Paula 23rd May (45 min)
Marcin 23rd May (45 min)
Ketrin 20th April (45 min)
Ketrin 17th May (45 min)
Agata W. days of the week
Agata W. months
Paula 25th May (50 min)
Arturas 25th May (45 min)
Paula 20th May (60 min)
Ketrin 20th May (45 min)
Marcin 19th May (45 min)
21st May Saturday A +B
25th May (group A)
28th May (group B)
Ania P. 27th May (45 min)
Marcin 26th May (45 min)
Agata 26th May (45 min)
Marcin 30th May (45 min)
Kasia 26th May (45 min)
Ketrin 29th May (45 min)
Dominik 30th May (45 min)
Artur 31st May (45 min)
31st May (Tue, group B)
1st June, Wed (group A)
Irregular verbs
Marcin 2nd June (45 min)
Paula 1st June (50 min)
Marta N. trial class 7th June 2022
Marcin 7th June (45 min)
Raimond 10th June TRIAL CLASS
8th June Wed (group A)
Dominik 10th June (50 min)
Artur 9th June (45 min)
Kasia 9th June (45 min)
Paula 8th June (50 min)
Dominik 6th June (45 min)
Kasia 2nd June (55 min)
Ewa D. 13th June TRIAL CLASS
Marcin 13th June (45 min)
Dominik 13th June (45 min)
Artur 14th June (45 min)
Faustyna 14th June trial class
Raimond 14th June (45 min)
Ketrin 11th June (45 min)
Ewa D. 15th June (45 min)
Faustyna 16th June (30 min)
15th June Wed group A
Dominik 17th June(45 min)
Kasia 15th June (45 min)
Ewa D. 20th June (45 min)
Faustyna 20th June (30 min)
Ted talk #1
Got a meeting? Take a walk
Paula 22nd June (50 min)
Dominik 20th June (45 min)
Ewa D. 22nd June (45 min)
Raimond Irregular Verbs
Faustyna 23rd June (30 min)
Monika B. 24th June Trial Class
Dominik 24th June (45 min)
Raimond 24th June (45 min)
Days of the week
Paula 24th June (50 min)
Ketrin 24th June (45 min)
Kasia 23rd June (45 min)
Artur 23rd June (25 min)
Marcin 23rd June (45 min)
Marcin 21st June (45 min)
Why I'm a weekday vegetarian
Why I'm a weekday vegetarian
Faustyna 28th June (30 min)
Try something new for 30 days
22nd June Wed
A one minute TEDx Talk for the digital age
Ewa irregular verbs
Ewa D. 29th June (45 min)
How to tie your shoes
The best gift I ever survived
Ewa 1st July (45 min)
Fausta 30th June (30 min)
Raimond 30th June (45 min)
Artur 28th June (65 min)
Hans Rosling's shortest TED talk
Faustyna 5th July (15 min)
Remember to say thank you
Raimond 4th July (45 min)
The World's Youngest Billionaire
He is The Most Amazing Kid
Ewa D. 6th July (45 min)
This Turkish Language Isn’t Spoken, It’s Whistled
Paula 29th July (45 min)
Kasia 29th June (30 min)
Dominik 1st July (45 min)
Artur months
Artur 5th July (45 min)
Raimond 6th July (45 min)
Ewa D. 8th July (45 min)
Dominik 8th July (60 min)
Kasia 8th July (45 min)
Ketrin 8th July (45 min)
Faustyna 7th July (30 min)
Faustyna Numbers
6th July Wed
Ewa 11th July (45 min)
The Long Run
Faustyna 12th July (35 min)
She Was the Best Female Rock Climber In the World By Age 14
Braving the World's Longest Downhill Bike Race
Raimond 12th July (45 min)
Ewa D. 13th July (45 min)
Extreme unicycling
The "Red Mouth" Nut!
Marcin 13th July (45 min)
Faustyna 14th July (30 min)
Zen of Knitting | Subway Knitter
Artur 14th July (45 min)
Irregular verbs
20th July Wed
Marcin 18th July (45 min)
2022 July 18 BBC One minute World News
Faustyna 19th July (30 min)
Ewa D. 19th July (45 min)
Raimond 19th July (45 min)
The Poisonous Mushroom Finnish People Love to Eat
Katia Trial Class
Eating China’s 1,000-Year-Old Egg
Ultra Marathoner Jacky
Fausta 21st July (35 min)
Fausta Letters
Artur Letters
Dominik Letters
Marcin 21st July (45 min)
Artur 21st July (45 min)
Raimond 21st July (45 min)
I Have a Long Tongue
Mommy/Mummy Milk Factory
Spoon Lady
Kasia 21st July (45 min)
Ketrin 22nd July (45 min)
Fausta 26th July (30 min)
Ewa D. 22nd July (45 min)
Dominik 22nd July (50 min)
Ewa D. 25th July (45 min)
Marcin 26th July (45 min)
Raimond 26th July (45 min)
His Hard-Earned Degree
Dorota 29th July Trial Class
Irregular verbs
Nurse Bakes Gruesomely Hyper-Realistic Desserts
Marcin 28th July (45 min)
Raimond 28th July (45 min)
Dominik 29th July (45 min)
Homeless Haircuts
Days of the week
Dorota 1st Aug (45 min)
Marcin 1st Aug (45 min)
Ketrin 29th July (45 min)
Kasia 28th July (45 min)
Artur 28th July (60 min)
Fausta 28th July (35 min)
Kids Try Ukrainian Food
21st July (Thur)
Raimond 3rd Aug (45 min)
Fausta 2nd Aug (30 min)
3rd Aug (Wed)
Chess Camp
Marcin 4th Aug (45 min)
Fausta 4th Aug (30 min)
Raimond 4th Aug (45 min)
Dominik 5th Aug (45 min)
Artur 4th Aug
Kasia 7th Aug (45 min)
She Built A House From Milk Boxes
The Traveling Bookstore Couple
Marcin 8th Aug (45 min)
Raimond 9th Aug (45 min)
Weed nuns
Ewa 8th Aug (45 min)
Blind painter
Raimond 12th Aug (45 min)
Ewa 12th Aug (45 min)
Teen with autism
Pronunciation Tue #1
Dorota 10th Aug (45 min)
Human Hair
Ewa 17th Aug (45 min)
The fruit diet
Raimond 18th Aug (45 min)
Faustyna 18th Aug (30 min)
Dorota 17th Aug (1h 20min)
Fausta 16th Aug (30 min)
Raimond 15th Aug (45 min)
Dominik 12th Aug (45 min)
Kasia 12th Aug (45 min)
Fausta 11th Aug (30 min)
Fausta 9th Aug (30 min)
Chicken whisperer
Marcin 11th Aug (45 min)
Ewa D. 19th Aug (45 min)
Ewa pronunciation
Ewa pronunciation
Ewa pronunciation
Therapy pig
Kamil 22nd Sept (30 min) Trial
Small talk
Ewa 23rd Aug (45 min)
Ewa's list
Fausta 23rd Aug (30 min)
Bicycle chef
Marcin 22nd Aug (45 min)
Sara James
Idioms #1
Three tenses
Three tenses
Ewa 26th Aug (45 min)
Kasia 21st Aug (45 min)
Raimond 23th Aug (45 min)
Dominik 23rd Aug (45 min)
Dorota 24th Aug (55 min)
Fausta 25th Aug (30 min)
Fausta months
Fausta verbs
Marcin 25th Aug (45 min)
Why not now
Fausta 29th Aug (30 min)
Kasia 28th Aug (45 min)
Artur 26th Aug (45 min)
Kid Climber
Deaf Dancer
Raimond 25th Aug (45 min)
Ewa 30th Aug (45 min)
Recycling kid
Bottle schools
Marcin 29th Aug (45 min)
Raimond 1st Sept (45 min)
Ewa D. 2nd Sept (45 min)
Thur 1st Sept
Wed 31st Aug
Marcin 5th Sept (45 min)
Immi Davis
Kasia 1st Sept (45 min)
Dominik 31st Aug (45 min)
Fausta 31st Aug (30 min)
Ketrin 31st Aug (45 min)
Artur 30th Aug (45 min)
Ketrin 26th Aug (45 min)
Dominik 25th Aug (45 min)
Ketrin 12th Aug (45 min)
Pregnancy Painter
Ewa 6th Sept (45 min)
Fausta 6th Sept (30 min)
Buddy Benches
Raimond 6th Sept (45 min)
Not all princesses dress in pink
Dumpster diving
Dog trainer
Yarn wigs
Kodi Lee
Cajun Restaurant
Vending machine
Icelandic rye bread
Garbage plate
Washing Machines for Refugees
Washing machines
Ewa 23rd Sept (45 min)
Real food
Dominik 26th Sept (45 min)
Marcin 26th Sept (45 min)
Raimond 25th Sept (45 min)
Kasia 23rd Sept (45 min)
Pronunciation #2
Forensic Facial Reconstruction
Fausta 27th Sept (30 min)
Ewa 27th Sept (45 min)
Fausta 29th Sept (30 min)
Professional Cuddler
Dear Zoo
Marcin 29th Sept (45 min)
Teen artist
Ketrin 2nd Oct (45 min)
Olek 30th Sept (trial class)
Dominik 30th Sept (45 min)
Ewa 30th Sept (45 min)
Artur 29th Sept (40 min)
Kasia 29th Sept (45 min)
Artur 27th Sept (45 min)
Dominik 9th Sept (45 min)
Artur 9th Sept (45 min)
Fausta 8th Sept (30 min)
Olek 3rd Oct (30 min) trial class #2
Fausta 4th Oct (35 min)
Zbigniew #1 (4th Oct)
Ewa 5th Oct (45 min)
People walker
Olek (clothes)
Olek (clothes 1)
CAL 2; 6th Oct #1
CAL 1 6th Oct #1
Breast Milk Bikers
Marcin 6th Oct (45 min)
Marcin 10th Oct (45 min)
Fausta 6th Oct (30 min)
Kasia 6th Oct (45 min)
Raimond 5th Oct (45 min)
Dominik 3rd Oct (45 min)
Backwords Dude
Olek 10th Oct (45 min)
Dominik 10th Oct (45 min)
Raimond 8th Sept (45 min)
Kasia 8th Sept (45 min)
Marcin 8th Sept (45 min)
Dominik 6th Sept (45 min)
Artur 11th Aug (45 min)
Ketrin 5th Aug (45 min)
Fausta 11th Oct (45 min)
Abstract art
The Beauty Guru With No Arms Or Legs
Learning how to love your body
Kasia 13th Oct (45 min)
Marcin 13th Oct (45 min)
Fausta 13th Oct (30 min)
Augustas #1
części domu
meble i wyposażenie
Ewa 14th Oct (35 min)
Raimond 14th Oct (45 min)
Artur 14th Oct (45 min)
Olek 14th Oct (30 min)
Dominik 14th Oct (45 min)
Marcin 17th Oct (45 min)
Mushroom Kid
Mr Toilet
Olek 17th Oct (30 min)
Dominik 17th Oct (45 min)
Ketrin 16th Oct (45 min)
Ketrin 16th Oct (45 min)
Fausta 18th Oct (30 min)
Olek the weather
18th Oct #2
CAL 1 #2 (18th Oct)
Irregular verbs
Hydration candy
Paweł trial class
Raimond 19th Oct (45 min)
Ewa 19th Oct (45 min)
Fausta 20th OCt (45 min)
Pole-dancing mice
Zbigniew 20th Oct #2
CAL 2; 20th Oct #3
CAL 1 irregular verbs
CAL 1; 20th Oct #3
Olek 21st Oct (30 min)
Augustas 21st Oct (30 min)
Augustas 19th Oct (30 min)
Ketrin 23rd Oct (45 min)
rodzaje domów
Maze Master
Marcin 24th Oct (45 min)
Dead body
Zbigniew #3 (25th Oct)
25th Oct #4
CAL 1 #4 (25th Oct)
Extreme Minimalist
Teen tattoo artist
Zbigniew #4 (27th Oct)
Days of the week
CAL 2 27th Oct #5
CAL 1 27th Oct #5
Cigarette-Stuffed Animals
Olek irregular verbs
Augustas 28th Oct (30 min)
Raimond 28th Oct (45 min)
Raimond 26th Oct (45 min)
Raimond 21st Oct (45 min)
Augustas 26th Oct (20 min)
Augustas letters
Olek 28th Oct (40 min)
Olek 24th Oct (20 min)
Dominik 25th Oct (45 min)
Typewriter Drawings
wygląd zewnętrzny
części garderoby
Olek 31st Oct (45 min)
Dominik 31st Oct (35 min)
Marcin 31st Oct (35 min)
Dominik 28th Oct (45 min)
Kasia 27th Oct (45 min)
Fausta 27th Oct (40 min)
Marcin 27th Oct (45 min)
Ewa 26th Oct (45 min)
Forgotten Doll Cemetery
Professional Back Scratcher
przymiotniki (budynki/wnętrza)
She said
Paweł 2nd Nov (45 min)
Raimond 2nd Nov (45 min)
One apple a day
CAL 2 #6 (3rd Nov 2022)
Zbigniew C. #5 (3rd Nov)
CAL 1 #6 (3rd Nov)
Raimond 4th Nov (45 min)
Ewa 2nd Nov (45 min)
Dominik 21st Oct (45 min)
Kasia 21st Oct (45 min)
Marcin 20th Oct (45 min)
Olek 4th Nov (30 min)
Augustas 4th Nov (30 min)
I love my white shoes
Fausta 3rd Nov (30 min)
Marcin 3rd Nov (45 min)
Fausta 1st Nov (30 min)
Hair Aeralist Erin Blaire
Marcin 7th Nov (50 min)
Raimond 7th Nov (45 min)
Olek 7th Nov (30 min)
America’s Oldest BMXer
Fausta 8th Nov (30 min)
Snow Art
CAL 2 #7 (8th Nov)
Zbigniew C. #6 (8th Nov)
CAL 1 #7 (10th Nov)
CAL 2 #8 (10th Nov)
Zbigniew C. #7 (10th Nov)
Blind traveller
Internet’s Dad
Marcin 10th Nov (45 min)
Raimond 9th Nov (45 min)
Marcin 14th Nov (45 min)
Marcin 14th Nov (45 min)
Dominik 10th Nov (45 min)
Olek 14th Nov (45 min)
Elephant Dung Gin
Dominik 14th Nov (45 min)
Kasia 10th Nov (45 min)
Fausta 10th Nov (30 min)
Augustas 9th Nov (30 min)
Augustas; The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Paweł, irregular verbs
Paweł 9th Nov (45 min)
Artur 8th Nov (35 min)
cechy charakteru
uczucia i emocje
3D Printed Schools
Fausta 15th Nov (30 min)
I Walked Around The World
Zbigniew #8 (15th Nov)
CAL 2 15th Nov #9
CAL 1 15th Nov #8
Superheros Kids
Raimond 16th Nov (45 min)
Raimond letters
Raimond 18th Nov (45 min)
Beeswax sculptures
CAL 1 #9 (17th Nov)
CAL 2 #10 (17th Nov)
Zbigniew #9 (17th Nov)
czas wolny
Dominik 18th Nov (45 min)
We're going on a bear hunt
Olek 18th Nov (30 min)
Augustas 18th Nov (30 min)
Ewa 18th Nov (45 min)
Artur 17th Nov (45 min)
Fausta 17th Nov (30 min)
Kasia 17th Nov (45 min)
Marcin 17th Nov (45 min)
Paweł 16th Nov (45 min)
Marcin 21st Nov (45 min)
Deep-sea diver
Deaf-Owned Pizzeria
Sustainable Fashion Designer
Fausta 24th Nov (30 min)
Olek 21st Nov (30 min)
Paweł 24th Nov (45 min)
The Blind Woodsman
Ania S. 21st Nov (trial class)
Harlequin Ichthyosis
Marcin 28th Nov (45 min)
Raimond 25th Nov (45 min)
Everyday objects
Artur 26th Nov (45 min)
Dominik 25th Nov (45 min)
Olek 25th Nov (30 min)
Dominik 18th Nov (45 min)
Augustas 16th Nov (30 min)
Ketrin 9th Nov (45 min)
Dominik 7th Nov (45 min)
Artur 4th Nov (45 min)
Dominik 4th Nov (45 min)
Ketrin 4th Nov (45 min)
Artur 2nd Nov (45 min)
Ketrin 1st Nov (45 min)
Fausta 26th Oct (30 min)
Olek 28th Nov (30 min)
CAL 1 doors doors doors
CAL 2 doors doors doors
Fausta 29th Nov (30 min)
Daddy Daughter Hair School
Raimond 30th Nov (45 min)
Dominik 28th Nov (45 min)
Augustas 30th Nov (30 min)
Kasia 30th Nov (45 min)
Kate Winslet
CAL 2 #11 (28th Nov)
CAL1 #10 (29th Nov)
Zbigniew C. #10 (28th Nov)
Ewa 29th Nov (45 min)
Ewa 30th Nov (45 min)
Love is a gift
Zbigniew C. #11 (1st Dec)
CAL 2 #12 (1st Dec)
Olek 2nd Dec (30 min)
Her First $100K
English for beginners
When the Oldest Kid in Class is 69 Years Old
Zbigniew C. #12 (6th Dec)
CAL 2 #13 (1st Dec)
CAL 1 #11 (6th Dec)
Messages in Bottles
Artur 9th Dec (45 min)
Dominik 9th Dec (45 min)
Olek 9th Dec (30 min)
Augustas 9th Dec (30 min)
Raimond 9th Dec (45 min)
Kasia 9th Dec (45 min)
Dominik 8th Dec (45 min)
Fausta 8th Dec (30 min)
Marcin 8th Dec (45 min)
Artur 7th Dec (45 min)
Augustas 7th Dec (30 min)
Paweł 7th Dec (45 min)
Raimond 7th Dec (45 min)
Ewa 7th Dec (45 min)
Fausta 6th Dec (30 min)
Artur 3rd Dec (45 min)
Dominik 2nd Dec (45 min)
Olek 2nd Dec (30 min)
Fausta 1st Dec (30 min)
Marcin 1st Dec (45 min)
CAL 2 #14 (8th Dec)
Ketrin 11th Dec (45 min)
Marcin 12th Dec (45 min)
Dominik 12th Dec (45 min)
Olek 12th Dec (30 min)
the World’s Largest Open-Air Museum
111 Trees
Raimond 14th Dec (45 min)
Artur 13th Dec (45 min)
Fausta 13th Dec (25 min)
Paweł 13th Dec (45 min)
Zbigniew C. # 13 (13th Dec)
Zbigniew C. czasowniki - verbs
For Those Who Care
CAL 2 (13th Dec)
The Most Crowded Island on Earth
Marcin 9th Jan (45 min)
Olek 10th Jan (30 min)
Artur 11th Jan (45 min)
Olek 15th Jan (30 min)
Ewa 12th Jan (45 min)
Augustas 13th Jan (20 min)
Raimond 12th Jan (45 min)
Fausta 14th Jan (30 min)
Dominiki 14th Jan (45 min)
Ketrin 16th Jan (45 min)
Marcin 16th Jan (45 min)
Blessing Bags For The Homeless
Fantasy Fits From Raw Materials
Indoor skydiver
Real Fake Cakes
Fantasy swordwleder
Augustas 21st Jan (30 min)
Dominik 21st Jan (45 min)
Fausta 21st Jan (30 min)
Raimond 20th Jan
Olek 19th Jan (30 min)
Artur 17th Jan (45 min)
Augustas 18th Jan (30 min)
Olek 17th Jan (30 min)
Kasia 17th Jan (45 min)
Fausta 17th Jan (30 min)
Dominik 17th Jan(45 min)
Hot Sauce Hero
Emmy eats Poland (1)
Emmy Eats Poland (2)
Emmy Eats Poland (3)

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