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After a few tries, you will be able to name confidently all seven days in a week, because this lesson is all about that.

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Try this lesson and only after a few minutes you will know seasons in Lithuanian!

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In this lesson you are able to learn months in Lithuanian from January to December.

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Your beloved childhood fairytales in Lithuanian language. This lesson is perfect way to learn new language for kids

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One more VocApp lesson to learn colors in foreign language. Here you can find all palette in Lithuanian with examples.

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In this lesson you can learn basic words regarding weather and temperature.

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This lesson will help you to learn 32 words about forest animals. Learn animal names in Lithuanian using VocApp flashcards!

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Different people like different types of sport and all of them can be found in this lesson.

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This lesson will help you to learn the most important places in Lithuanian that will definitely help you in the future. Memorize these 31 flashcards and you are ready for your trip to Lithuania!

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Fun, easy and fast way to learn numbers in Lithuanian!

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