Letters of reminder

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a demand note
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wezwanie do zapłaty
a demand for payment
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wezwanie do zapłaty
to urge
I urge you to reconsider your position
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to advise or encourage someone very strongly about what they should do
a receipt
I'm in receipt of the goods.
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the act of receiving something
the National Court Registry
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to enter into registry
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wpisać do rejestru
the Debtor's Register/ debt register
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rejestr dłużników
a confirmation of receipt
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potwierdzenie odbioru
an aknowledgement of service
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potwierdzenie doręczenia
a maturity date
The maturity date is the date upon which the bond matures and the redemption payment is to be made.
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data wymagalności
the date on which principal (= amount loaned) falls due
of the date of this letter
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od daty otrzymania tego listu
to seek recovery of sums unpaid on a invoice dated 15 May 2011
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dochodzić zapłaty pieniędzy za fakturę wystawioną na 15 maja
to advice of
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a debt recovery
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dochodzenie długów
a settlement
The parties were unable to reach an out-of-court settlement, so the case proceeded to trial.
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ugoda/ rozliczenie
an arrangement to end a legal dispute before a final adjudication (=decision by a court) of a matter
terms of settlement
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warunki płatności
amounting to
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but to no avail
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ale bezskutecznie
we will have no alternative, but to exercise whatever rights and remedies we have under law to enforce such payment including but not limited to institution of legal proceedings against you to recover the overdue amount, together with accrued interest and legal expenses
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zwrot używany w wezwaniu do zapłaty
including but not limited to
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między innymi
kindly govern yourself accordingly
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uprzejmie zachowaj się odpowiednio
an invoice in question/ at issue
No invoice shall be submitted to Cisco until shipment to Cisco of the items covered by such invoice.
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faktura przedmiotowa
a list of things that have been supplied or work done, together with details of how much money is owed for them
an instalment
The contract called for payment in 10 equal instalments.
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one of the parts into which a debt is divided for payment at agreed times over a specified period of time; a debt divided into periodic partial payments

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