Forming a contract

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término definición
The Prime Minister has defended the inclusion of foreign experts in the drafting of new laws.
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the process of preparing a document
interpreting the provisions
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interpretacja postanowień, klazul
a legal agreement
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a lease
I signed a two-year lease shortly before moving into the flat.
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umowa dzierżawy
the agreement (written or oral) that gives a person or business entity (the tenant) the right to possess or occupy property either for life, for a fixed period of time or for a period that may be ended at the will of one or both parties
a loan agreement
Banks generally have standard loan agreements, and can often be unwilling to change the terms.
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umowa pożyczki
a contract between borrower and lender which sets out the terms and conditions for the loan
a borrower
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a lender
Historically, banks have been the most common type of lender.
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person or entity by whom the loan is supplied to the borrower
a sales agreement
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umowa sprzedaży
a consultancy agreement
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umowa doradztwa
a hire purchase agreement
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umowa sprzedaży ratalnej
a hire contract
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umowa najmu
a service contract
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umowa o świadczenie usług
terms of the agreement
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warunki umowy
to be capable of acceptance without further negotiation
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zdolny do przyjęcia bez późniejszych negocjacji
initial communication
A decision to price the initial shares below the cost to taxpayers would follow the usual Wall Street practice.
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rozpoczynająca, wstępna komunikacja, komunikat
sth will in itself constitute an offer
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będzie samo w sobie ofertą
a vendor
The vendor is required to provide certain information to prospective bidders.
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a person who sells something; seller
to make an invitation to treat
It is therefore commonly presumed that a vendor only intended to make an invitation to treat.
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zaproszenie do złożenia oferty
conditions of sale
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warunki sprzedaży
the offer is submitted by
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oferta została złożona
to incorporate the terms
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uwzględnić warunki
an unqualified agreement
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zgoda bez zastrzeżeń
an offeror
An offer is deemed (=considered) accepted when the offeror has received an acceptance at the place and in the manner indicated.
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the person who makes an offer
an offeree
The offeree does not receive the right to exercise control over the managerial decisions of the company.
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adresat oferty (oblat)
the person to whom an offer is made
the reception rule
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zasada przyjmowania
the postal acceptance rule
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zasada pocztowego przyjęcia (?)
to avoid uncertainty
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dla uniknięcia wątpliwości
The meaning of the words "full amount" was vague in the contract and was therefore interpreted differently by different parties.
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niepewne, nieokreślone
not clear, obscure
As used in this section, 'total consideration paid or contracted to be paid' includes money or anything of value, paid or delivered or contracted to be paid or delivered in return for the sale.
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świadczenie wzajemne, opłata, honorarium, wynagrodzenie, rozwaga
payment made in exchange for performance of a contract; something of value given by one party to another in order to induce (=persuade, encourage, convince) the other to contract
a nominal value
The shares were issued at a premium above the nominal value of the shares.
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nominalna wartość
the value assigned to a share as of the time shares are issued
It is a crime to transmit a disease with the intention of causing a serious injury.
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zamiar, wola
your aim or objective in doing something
to create legal relations
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tworzyć stosunek prawny
a rebuttal presumption
According to the doctor there is a rebuttable presumption as to his incompetence.
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obalenie domniemania
where a court assumes that something is true unless someone proves otherwise
to contradict
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a contrary evidence
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dowód przeciwny
to allot
After the subscription, shares were allotted to all subscribers.
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to give someone or something a share of something that is available, especially for a particular purpose
a witness
The marriage contract was signed in front of two witnesses.
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a person who sees a document being signed and signs it themselves to confirm this
Ownership in goods usually passes when the goods have been paid for.
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the fact of owning something
a title deed
She wants her name put back on the title deeds.
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akt własności
a legal document that is an official record of an agreement or official proof of title in real property (=ownership of land, a building or of another permanent construction)
to infer
He could only infer that the chemicals found in the storage locker were the same as those used to make the bomb.
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to understand something by evidence or logical reasoning rather than from explicit statements
to imply
The text of the Constitution implies that each house must take all its decisions by majority vote.
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znaczyć, implikować
to suggest that something is true, or that you think something is true, without saying it directly
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Courts have found that hospitals enter into implied contracts with their patients.
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indicated by actions, circumstances or statements but not explicitly stated
to come across
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natknąć się
find by accident
as to
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co się tyczy
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to construe
The provisions of the Act were construed narrowly by the court in the case of Pollard v. Pollard.
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to construe actions or statements is to interpret these actions or statements in order to give them meaning
The preamble to the bill makes clear the law's intended purpose.
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the introductory part of a legal document, stating its purpose, aims, and justification
in earnest
Graham's career began in earnest when he emigrated to New Zealand to work as a catering consultant to the armed forces.
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na serio
if something begins in earnest then it has already started but is now being done in a more serious, complete or formal way

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