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What do you think are the five worst inventions of all time?
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Segway; Agent Orange; Subprime Mortgages; Farmville; Hydrogen Blimps
Though the technology is pretty cool — very expensive gyroscopes make the thing nearly impossible to tip over;

Look at the photos.
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Write down one reason why each is on the worst inventions list.

fast food: Unfortunately is very fatty and choresterol rich. Many people are obese thanks to fast foods.

In many ways, Television has proved to be one of the worst inventions of modern times. All too often, Television is harmful because of the shows it broadcasts and the way it is used in the home

Cigarettes are very unhealthly. They have got a lot of cancer-causing chemicals. Cancer is not only way to die for smokers. They often died by heart attacks.


Nuclear power
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Proponents contend that nuclear power is a safe, sustainable energy source that reduces carbon emissions. Opponents contend that nuclear power poses many threats to people and the environment

mobile phones
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brain tumours

cause body harm and kill

Are the sentences true, false or not given?
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Where possible, underline the phrase or word that helped you decide.

Americans consume the most fast food.
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True. Americans are the ultimate fast food eaters

"Candid Camera" is famous for being the most popular U.S. reality show ever.
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Not given. It only says that reality TV started with "Candid Camera", but we don't know how popular this program was.

Smoking is more dangerous for women than for men.
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False. men - 22 times more. Women - 12 times.

Cars being less expensive has meant that more people use cars.
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True. Falling prices have made it a key part of family life.

Alternative fuels will probably replace petrol in the near future.
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False. A green fuel is unlikely to take over from petrol soon.

Traditional power plants are less expensive to run.
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True. Nuclear power plants cost more...

Research has shown mobile phones are not more dangerous as you get older.
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Not given. The article doesn't talk about the dangers of mobile phones in relation to age.

People felt equally negative about all types of weapons.
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False. Nuclear were the worst offender...

Which inventions should not be on the list?
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mobile phones, car, TV.

Complete the sentences.
How each invention has changed people's lives?
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Then check your ideas in the reading text.

Nuclear accidents are rare but can (?) devastating effects.
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Nuclear accidents are rare but can have devastating effects.

(The mobile phone is a gadget) that's (?) communication.
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(The mobile phone is a gadget) that's revolutionised communication.

Innovations that go bang or (?) bodily harm were the most hated.
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Innovations that go bang or cause bodily harm were the most hated.

Which issues in E 3B (page 56) do you agree with or relate to personally? How many views or experiences do you have in common?
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education; equality; holiday industry.

Bicycle chosen as best invention.
Why do you think people chose the bicycle?
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It's transformed the way ... It has enabled people to...

For each pair of inventions,
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which one do you think is more important? Why?

the oven or the fridge
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the fridge

the pen or the pencil
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the pen

fire or the wheel
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the bicycle or the car
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the bicycle

the zip or Velcro
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the zip

sunglasses or sunscreen
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