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Children may find it hard to adapt to a new school.
empezar lección
to change your behaviour or ideas because it is necessary in a new situation

We're gradually adjusting to the new way of working.
empezar lección
to make small changes to the way you do things in order to get used to a new situation or condition
1 [transitivo] regular, ajustar 2 [intransitivo] adaptar-se, acostumar-se

Global warming has had an effect on skin cancer.
empezar lección
a change or result that happens because of an event or action
resultado consequência efeito

The money enabled me to buy a house.
empezar lección
to make it possible for someone to do
to enable sb to do sth permitir a alguém fazer alguma coisa [possibilitar]

Too much sun can harm your skin.
empezar lección
to damage or hurt someone or something

Technology is going to continue to revolutionise the way that we live.
empezar lección
to completely change the way people do something or think about something

The movie transformed Amy from an unknown schoolgirl into a star. The movie transformed Amy from an unknown schoolgirl into a star.
empezar lección
to change something or someone completely, especially in a way that improves them

He moved away after the breakdown of his marriage.
empezar lección
the failure of a relationship or system
desagregação [de uma família], fracasso [de um relacionamento, em negociações] 2 avaria to have a breakdown ter uma avaria

Police have made a breakthrough in their hunt for the killers.
empezar lección
an important new discovery or development
avanço ruptura novo progresso

The downside of the plan is the cost.
empezar lección
the bad part of something
desvantagem, lado negativo, inconveniente queda

The only drawback to a holiday in Scotland is the weather.
empezar lección
a disadvantage
lado negativo, desvantagem

We will know the outcome of the election later tonight.
empezar lección
the final result of a meeting, process etc

She has a positive outlook on life.
empezar lección
your general attitude to life and the world
postura (em relação a alguma coisa), visão (de alguma coisa) perspectiva, prognóstico

There is a trade-off between the risks and the benefits involved.
empezar lección
a balance between two very different things
troca [n] compromisso [n] intercâmbio [n] cedência [n] equilíbrio escolha afrouxar

The poster advertising sportswear became really well known.
empezar lección
to tell the public about a product or service in order to persuade them to buy it or use it

break into
Many British singers have found it hard to break into the American market.
empezar lección
to become involved in a new job or business activity
1 to break into a house/a shop etc. invadir uma casa/uma loja etc. 2 to break into a run/gallop/trot desatar a correr/galopar/trotar 3 entrar em alguma coisa, implantar-se em alguma coisa [numa área de atividade, num mercado]

The industry is dominated by five multinational companies.
empezar lección
to control someone or something or to have more importance than other people or things

A major celebrity endorses our new products.
empezar lección
to express support or approval of someone or something

We worked hard to enter the Chinese
empezar lección
to go or come into a place
entrar, ingressar

I think we need to increase our prices to cover our costs.
empezar lección
if you increase something, or if it increases, it becomes bigger in number, amount, or degree

We have launched a campaign to raise $50,000.
empezar lección
to start something big or important
lançar [um ataque, uma campanha, um produto]

Our main overseas market is Japan.
empezar lección
a particular country or area where a company sells its goods or where a particular type of goods is sold

The price of fuel has come down.
empezar lección
the amount of money you have to pay for something

The factory assembles the final product.
empezar lección
something that is grown or made in a factory in large quantities, usually in order to be sold

We had a meeting to promote trade between Taiwan and the UK.
empezar lección
to help something happen or be successful
1 promover [entendimento, etc.] 2 promover [um funcionário] 3 promover [um produto, um evento]

We had to raise the price.
empezar lección
to increase an amount, number or level
aumentar [os impostos, os preços, etc.]

They’re trying to reduce the price so that they can sell more.
empezar lección
to make the price, amount, or size of something less or smaller
reduzir, reduzir o preço de

see a gap in
She saw a gap in the market and invented a product to meet that need.
empezar lección
to identify a product or service that does not exist, so that there is an opportunity to develop that product or service and sell it
ver uma brecha, uma lacuna

It's very difficult to set the right price for a service.
empezar lección
to decide and state how much something should cost
1 [transitivo] marcar [uma data, uma hora], estabelecer [uma meta, um objetivo]

What a bizarre coincidence that we meet here.
empezar lección
very unusual and strange
bizarro, estranho, esquisito

come up with
Is that the best excuse you can come up with?
empezar lección
to think of an idea, answer etc
aparecer com, vir com

Ron does nothing but criticize and complain all the time.
empezar lección
to express your disapproval of someone or something, or to talk about their faults

I think we need to develop our ideas further.
empezar lección
if something develops, or if you develop it, it gets bigger or becomes more important

What dreadful weather!
empezar lección
very bad or unpleasant
péssimo, terrível

It was an entertaining but predictable film.
empezar lección
behaving or happening in the way that you expect, and not different or interesting

Sarah rejected her brother's offer of help.
empezar lección
to refuse to accept, believe in, or agree with something

She had rather unrealistic expectations of marriage.
empezar lección
unrealistic ideas are not sensible or based on what is really likely to happen
pouco realista

I love this new brand of soap.
empezar lección
a product that a particular company makes

We have built-in cupboards in our kitchen.
empezar lección
fixed permanently somewhere and not possible to remove
embutido, incorporado [armário, forno, microfone, etc.]

Have you been following the American election campaigns?
empezar lección
a series of actions intended to achieve a particular result relating to politics or business, or a social improvement

cold call
Cold calls are such a nuisance.
empezar lección
to telephone or visit someone you have never met before and try to sell them something
ligação de telemarketing

Some TV commercials are really memorable.
empezar lección
an advertisement on television or radio
anúncio comercial

I try to buy eco-friendly products.
empezar lección
not harmful to the environment
respeitador de ambiente

Lighting is now more energy-efficient.
empezar lección
working well without wasting energy
energicamente eficiente

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