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What do you understand by "brainstorming"? What is it used for?
Brainstorming involves generating and writing down as many ideas as you can on a topic, usually with a group of people. It's used by companies, e.g. for problem solving, for developing/naming/marketing a new product, etc.
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a conference technique of solving specific problems, amassing information, stimulating creative thinking, developing new ideas, etc., by unrestrained and spontaneous participation in discussion.
intensive discussion to solve problems or generate ideas
Read the article "THE SIX RULES OF BRAINSTORMING". Which rule do you think is wrong?
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Rule 5 the conventions of brainstorming would say that rule 5 is wrong. It should say: Have a cleartime limit. People often get their best ideas if they work under pressure.
Ideas for getting people to stop dropping litter. Which ones do you think are the best?
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Have rubbish bins which make a fun sound when something's dropped in. Increase the fines for dropping litter.
Role-play the situation.
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Use the flow chart to help.
How / feel / get / celebrity / endorse / campaign?
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How do you feel about getting a celebrity to endorse the campaign?
not / first choice / have to say
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That wouldn't be my first choice, I have to say.
How / idea / increase / fines / strike you
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How does the idea of increasing fines strike you?
It / be / done before. / think / wrong track. /It / great / if / use / signs / backs of the cars
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It's been done before. I think we're on the wrong track. It would be great if we could use signs in the backs of cars.
predictable too. / you / consider / bins / sound effects?
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That's predictable too. Would you consider bins with sound effects?
Not / bad idea / all. / torn / between / that / and / use / interesting / signs / cars / other places
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that's not a bad idea at all. I'm torn between that and using interesting signs in cars or other places.
suppose / try / combine / two ideas?
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Suppose we try combining the two ideas?
OK. Seem / best suggestion
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OK. It seems like the best suggestion.
Right / let / go / that
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Right, let's go with that.
Choose one of the topics below
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and brainstorming at least five ideas.
How to encourage people to learn a foreign language
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Business and career; personal benefits; travel and hobbies; academic and education; new opportunities to your life.
How to get people to visit your country or city
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The sun sets in the sea; the coffee is damn good; the most fish-friendly places; It possibly has Europe's greatest climate; overall, food is ridiculous cheap.
How to improve one aspect of the building you are in
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barbecues; noise; behaviour
How to encourage students to do their homework
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Appeal to their interests; keep it short and sweet; utilize technology; mix it up; make it personal.
How to encourage young people to be more polite to older people
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to learn respect, children must first be respected; respect can be taught; respectful assertiveness is sometimes necessary; respect is learned.
How to get kids to eat more vegetables
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Set an example... Make food fun... Get them involved... Enforce the “one bite rule” ... Don't force them to finish... Reward good behavior... Understand their values... Offer diverse food colors.
By far the best predictor of a child's eating behavior is the eating patterns of her parents...

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