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wylać przed kimś swoje żale
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pour out
He poured out all his troubles to Laura.
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"Who" and "what" are interrogative pronouns.
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Don't speak to me in this ugly argot!
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What are her political affiliations?
ulegać, ustępować
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to relent
Her parents finally relented and allowed her to go.
skakać sobie do gardeł
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to be at each other's throats
He's her brother, but they're always at each other's throats.
wyrażać, przekazywać
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His tone conveyed an unmistakable warning.
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He's a very kind and receptive young man.
wtrącać się
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to butt in
Stop butting in!
wypaplać, wygadać się
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to blurt out
We didn't want to tell Mum but Ann blurted the whole thing out.
skinąć na kogoś
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to beckon
She beckoned at the child, who came running.
powiedzieć coś niezrozumiale
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to gabble
Just calm down, stop gabbling, and tell me what has happened.
zapadać w
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to lapse into
She lapsed into silence/sleep/a coma.
wyjść z depresji
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to snap out of
She's been depressed for days. I wish she'd snap out of it.
paplać, gadać
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to natter
She's been nattering on about the wedding for weeks.
dojść do słowa
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to get a word in edgeways
Once Terry starts talking it's difficult to get a word in edgeways.
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to discourse on
Mrs. Hutchins discoursed at length on the ignorance of the frontier people.
nie móc zdobyć się na coś
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not bring yourself to do sth
She couldn't bring herself to touch it.
zmierzyć kogoś wzrokiem
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to scowl
When he said he didn't agree with her she scowled at him and left the room.
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