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In 2030, people_____pen and paper. a) won't use b) were using c) use
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won't use
Which book would you like? a) This book b) This one c) These one
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This one.
In 3000, people_____live on Mars. a) definetely b) definetely will c) will definetely
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will definetely
_____will we travel in the future? By spaceship. a) Where b) How c) When
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I'm sure I_____live in London. I don't like big cities. a) won't b) might c) don't
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In the future I_____become a vet. I quite like animals. a) won't b) might c) don't
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You_____clean your shoes before a job interview. a) should b) shouldn't c) mustn't
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You_____be rude or agressive at school. a) mustn't b) should c) don't have to
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_____I take off my shoes when I visit someone in Japan. a) Should b) Will c) Won't
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You_____shake hands with everybody at a big party. a) shouldn't b) mustn't c) don't have to
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don't have to

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