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I think his sarcastic comments are completely indefensible.
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niewybaczalny, nieuzasadniony
Indian police officers are poorly paid which makes them susceptible to corruption.
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podatny (na coś), wrażliwy
to downgrade
She tried to downgrade the import_ance of her colleague's work.
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degradować, umniejszać (np. rolę, znaczenie)
Sigmund Freud was an Austrian neurologist most notably known for founding the discipline of psychoanalysis.
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szczególnie, w szczególności
to wring
I'll just wring out this jumper and hang it out to dry.
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wykręcić, wyżymać
Crusty ciabatta bread is a perfect companion to a bowl of soup or a plate of pasta.
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to backfire
Her plans to make him jealous backfired on her when he asked for a divorce.
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odnieść odwrotny skutek, obracać się przeciw komuś
to slide
We slid down the hill on a sledge
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ślizgać się
Ukraine's economy remains stagnant with few signs of bright prospects in the near future.
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w zastoju, martwy
to degrade
Parts of these land areas are being degraded through farming practices.
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niszczyć, degradować
The court was presented with compelling evidence that he'd murdered his father-in-law.
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przekonywujący, nie do odparcia
to mend
When are you going to mend that hole in my shirt?
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naprawiać, załatać
to pierce
przekłuć, przebić
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She can't wear these earrings because her ears aren't pierced.
I had a beer after work which made me feel a bit dozy.
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ospały, senny
to retard
Stress may retard brain development in children.
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opóźniać, zwalniać

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