Word of a day #2

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término definición
Kiwis are three species of small, flightless birds that live only in New Zealand.
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chip in
Mark kept chipping in with his comments while I was talking to Jane.
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wtrącać się
to deluge
The town was deluged when the river burst its banks.
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zatapiać, zalać
luck out
We really lucked out and found the last parking spot in the lot.
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nieć farta
There was some discrepancy between the two accounts.
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rozbieżność, niezgodność
answer to sb
The best thing about working for yourself is that you don't have to answer to anybody.
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odpowiadać przed kimś
to hassle
I really have to work now- just stop hassling me!
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zawracać głowę, przeszkadzać
snuff sth out
I snuffed out the candles before I went to bed.
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zgasić (np. świecę)
It's a bit steep climb to the top of the mountain but the view is beautiful.
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stop in
I stopped in at work on the way home to get some documents.
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wstąpić gdzieś
to propagate
The political party propagates its ideas by sending advertisements in the mail.
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propagować, rozpowszechniać
stand up for sth/sb
I think it's time you stood up for your rights around here.
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wstawiać się za czymś/kimś, stać w obronie
Outmoded farming methods are the reason why African agriculture is so unproductive.
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niemodny, przestarzały
bring sth forward
The local government elections were brought forward by five weeks.
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odkładać, przesuwać (na późniejszy termin)
to tick
I hate it when I'm about to fall asleep and I hear the clock ticking.
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wear sth out
He’s already worn out two pairs of boots this winter.
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zdzierać coś, znosić
catch up everything
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nadrobić wszystko
You have to turn the door knob to open the door.
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gałka, pokrętło, guzik
slag sb off
I hate the way Emma slags people off behind their backs.
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obgadywać kogoś
to retrieve
Once information has been encoded and stored in memory, it must be retrieved in order to be used.
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pack sth up
I'm about to pack up all my things and go home.
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pakować się
to prod
He prodded her in the back to get her attention.
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szturchać, dźgać
veg out
I'm really tired - I'll just go home and veg out in front of the TV tonight.
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relaksować się, byczyć się
I'm afraid I didn't find the ending of the film very convincing.
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creep over sb
A sudden tiredness crept over her as she drove home.
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ogarniać kogoś
to await
We are all anxiously awaiting the exam results.
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oczekiwać, wyczekiwać
rinse sth out
Just rinse these wine glasses out and leave them to dry.
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opłukać, przepłukać
fizzle out
She dated him for a while but their romance fizzled out rather quickly.
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wygasnąć, wypalić się
I prefer soluble tablets as they seem to act faster in relieving headaches.
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churn sth out
The new factory will churn out more than 10000 cars a year.
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masowo coś produkować

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