vocabulary units 2,4,6

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practise and improve your skills/knowledge of sth

suddenly have an idea; discover something by chance Tell us how you hit upon such a great idead

see, hear or understand someone/sth with difficulty

study sth very hard, especially for exam

understand and remember sth that you hear or read; accept sth as real/true; trick some1 into believing sth that is not true

think through
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consider the facts about sth in an organised and thorough way

have your wits about
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be able to think quickly and make sensible decisions You have got to have your wits about you to succeed in advertising.

put two and two together
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Guess what is happening No one told us that Diana was leaving, but we all put two and two together.

quick/slow on the uptake
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taking a very short/long period of time to understand sth

split hairs
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argue or worry about very small details which are not important Stop wasting time splitting hairs and look at the big picture.

take stock (of)
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spend some time thinking about the situation you are in before you decide what to do next

change around
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move things so that they are in different places

change out of
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take off the clother or a piece of clothing and put on different ones

repair, paint and improve and old building

change someone or sth so that they become sth else

the tools of the trade
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the skills and equipment that you need in order to do your job

appear or happen suddenly/unexpectadly Something is cropped up, so I am afraid I will not be able to make it this afternoon.

stop working I usually knock off woth at about one so I am at home at two.

it sth lies ahead, it is going to happen to you in future No teenager really knows what lies ahead for them career-wise in the future.

work at different times from usual because you have not worked enough at the normal times

press ahead on/with
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continue doing sth in a determined way, despite difficulties

start doing or working on sth in order to achieve an aim

start to employ someone; accept some work or responsibility

help someone to get to the end of a difficult period, especially by giving them money untiil they can get some more

spend time in a relaxed way when you have nothing else to do

end/finish sth gradually; realx after a period of excitement or worry

a stitch in time saves nine
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used for saying that it is better to solve a problem now, rather than leave it until later when it may be more difficult to deal with

all in good time
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used for telling some1 to wait for sth and not try to make you hurry Have you finished reports? Not yer, all in good time

at the drop of hat
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Let me know if you need help and I will be there at the drop of hat

in/for donkey's years
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an extremely long time

on the spur of moment
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suddenly I invited Graham to dinner on the spur of the moment. I am sorry I didn't invite you first

the other day
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recently I was talking to Sandra the other day and she didn't mention redundancies.

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