Vocab Week 10

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término English
definición English

empezar lección
n. Expression of objection

adj. Fortunate

n. A beheading instrument

empezar lección
n. The supplying of light

n. Adherence to a code of values

adv. In a carefree fashion

adj. Vivid in a harsh/shocking way

n. Noisy confused fight

n. Stubbornness

n. Property inherited by father

n. Red, bell-shaped fruit in olives

adj. Having foreknowledge

adj. Extremely eager

empezar lección
adj. Elementary

adj. Humbling; submissive

n. Strictness

Tabula rasa
empezar lección
n. clean slate

adj. Wild/noisy; greatly agitated

adj. Spiteful/malicious

v. Canceled

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