Useful expressions up/out/over/on/run/call/put

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take up
You should never take up this job.
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podjąć coś
hang up
Don't hang up on me.
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rozłączyć się
dig up
He will dig up everything about you.
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wind up
You wind up asking me for help, I promise you.
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slip up
I'm sorry, I slipped up.
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potknąć się
link up
The Americans decided to link up with the British.
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tot up
Tot all your income up and calculate the tax.
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dream up
You never know what he will dream up next.
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sell up
The company was not doing well so we decided to sell up.
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chear up
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rozchmurzyć się, rozpogodzić się
put the blame on sb
She puts the blame on me.
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obwiniać kogoś
put one's foot in it
He really put his foot in it with this car.
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wdepnąć w coś
put sth to the test
I am going to put this glass to the test.
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przetestować coś
put sth to the vote
This sale should be put to the vote.
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przegłosować coś
put a brave face to sth
She always puts a brave face to all danger.
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stawić czemuś czoła
put sb to expense
Your stupidity puts us to great expense.
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narazić kogoś na koszty
put a stop to sth
The teacher put a stop to the duel.
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przerwać coś
put to flight
After the second attack, the troops were easily put to flight,
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zmusić do ucieczki
put sth on the market
We've found a new house and so we have put this one on the market.
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wystawić na sprzedaż
put sb to the bed
My mother always put me to the bed.
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zanieść/położyć kogoś do łóżka
put somebody at ease
Carol soon put the candidate at ease by chatting about the weather.
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uspokoić, udobruchać, zrelaksować
a close call
That was a close call.
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duty calls
I have to go - duty calls.
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obowiązki wzywają
call box
I am looking for some change for the call box.
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budka telefoniczna
call a halt to sth
We should call a halt to this exam.
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wstrzymać coś
call to memory
This scenery calls to memory my childhood.
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przypominać coś
call one's attention to sth
I must call your attention to this problem.
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zwrócić uwagę
call sb names
Adam got punished for callings his brother names.
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przezywać kogoś
call sb to the bar
Mark was called to the bar.
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być wezwanym na przysięgę
call into question
After the loss of our suplies, the whole expedition was called into question.
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podważać, kwestionować
run riot
In the second half the team ran riot and scored five goals.
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oszaleć, szaleć
a run on sth
Dusring the recent financial crisis there was a run on the pund.
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popyt na
run one's eye over sth
Can I have a copy of the article to run my eye over, before it's printed?
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rzucić na coś okiem
run in the family
Having a good singing voice runs in the family.
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coś jest rodzinne
a run of bad luck
I would have won easily but I had a run of bad luck.
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zła passa
run of the house
They gave us the complete run of the house while they were away.
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dać wolną chatę
a good run for one's money
You can't really complain, you've had a good run for your money.
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dobrze wykorzystać pieniądze
to hang on
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czekać, nie rozłączać się
to watch out
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to watch over
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czuwać, pilnować

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