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She put down the receiver with a grimace. His mouth twitched in an involuntary grimace. Your twist told me that you didn't like my offer.
Konwencja Genewska
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Geneva Convention
zapadnięte policzki
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hollow cheeks
przechył, szarpnięcie, szarpnąć (o samochodzie), chwiać się
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an abrupt jerking, swaying, or tipping movementThe boat sank because of its sudden lurch
the car moved forward with a lurch. The man was drunk and he lurched towards me. My car lurched when I tried to start the engine.
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component, unit, subteam
Can you name some units of a computer?
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barred by the passage of time under a statute of limitations, statute of repose, or procedural rule
barred by the passage of time under a statute of limitations, statute of repose, or procedural rule
zastępca (osoby wyższej rangą), szeryfa, poseł
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worker who replaces the head of the team, department or other business unit and has the same authority
He had his business ran by a deputy while he was gone. The boss is out of town and I, as his deputy, have to take care of the company
wystarczy powiedzieć
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suffice it to say
posąg na koniu
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equestrian statue
nude statue. statuesque
aureola, aureola
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halo, aureola
A halo surrounds the moon. Angels are commonly depicted wearing a halo over their heads
wyłączyć się, odpłynąć (myślami)
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sone out
"People need to zone out for a bit to get back their concentration," he said in a statement.
w żadnym wyobrażalnym wypadku
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by any stretch of imagination
Beyond ordinary limits, especially of the imagination. If you say that something is not true or possible by any stretch of the imagination, you are emphasizing that it is completely untrue or absolutely impossible.
She could not, by any stretch of the imagination, be considered a great actress.
wiązać kogoś umową
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tie SB into sth
to make someone accept a particular situation as part of an agreement
Mobile phone companies usually tie customers into a minimum 12-month contract.
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Our subcommittee looks into violations of human rights
cynk, poufna informacja; dać komuś cynk
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tip-off, to tip somebody off
a secret warning or piece of secret information:
What if I get along to the cops and tip them off? Acting on a tip-off, the police arrested the drug dealers. Following a tip-off from a friend, we sold all our shares in the company.
jeden na jednego (o walce)
adjective, nominative
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directly opposing or competing with each other:
go toe-to-toe. We don’t have to go toe-to-toe with our competitors in every market.
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pruning shears
słuchawka z mikrofonem, zestaw słuchawkowy
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the part of a phone in two parts that you hold in front of your mouth and against your ear. the outer part of a mobile phone that does not include the battery or the sim card
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Tom was sitting in a deckchair in his garden. We mustn't forget the beach chair when we go to the beach.
bezczelny; nieskromny, zarozumiały
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having too high an opinion of yourself. showing too much of the body: smug, arrogant,
He makes these immodest statements of his own brilliance. showing an immodest amount of leg
wilk morski
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sea dog, salt
Her husband is a salt, he's never home.
zamożny ludzie zamożni, ludzie dobrze sytuowani
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be well-off
The problem with a private health servicesl is that only well-to-do can afford it.
powszechnie uznany
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Microsoft is a well-established tech company founded by Bill Gates.
dobrze strzeżony/utrzymany
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wyjazd wakacyjny połączony z pracą zdalną,
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Thanks to the workation in Spain I was able to work and relax at the same time.
wakacje, które spędzamy w swoim kraju lub w domu
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potrącać, szturchać delikatnie, truchtać, trucht, lekkie trącenie
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dash, gallop, run,
He jogged his friend's elbow to get his attention. The horse jogged around the paddock. He slowed his pace into a jog.
upór, uporczywość,
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the quality of being unreasonably determined, especially to act in a particular way and not to change at all, despite what anyone else says:
I stayed until the end out of sheer obstinacy. the obstinacy of the human spirit
przenośnia, metafora wykorzystywana w szczególnej dziedzinie oklepany wątek lub motyw (
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something such as an idea, phrase, or image that is often used in a particular artist's work, in a particular type of art, etc.:
Human-like robots are a classic trope of science fiction.
skinąć, zaprosić gestem
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to move your hand or head in a way that tells someone to come nearer. If an event or achievement beckons, it is likely to happen
The customs official beckoned the woman to his counter. "Hey you!" she called, beckoning me over with her finger. She's an excellent student, for whom a wonderful future beckons.
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behaviour in which someone tries to attract attention by pretending to be sexually interested in people, in a pleasant but not serious way:
She often resorts to girlish coquetry to get her way.
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low in spirits: DEPRESSED
The dejected players left the field. the dejected players slowly made their way back to the locker room, where they could mourn(grieve, agonize) their defeat in private
lista potencjalnych klientów, do których dzwonią maklerzy giełdowi, namawiając ich na zakup akcji
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aktorstwo (studiować)
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drama, stage
My friend Tom studies drama. He has always seen the stage as his future career.
do trzech razy sztuka
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third time's a charm
the third time is successful
Jestem w siódmym niebie
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I'm on cloud nine
kuratela, opieka
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help, advice, or teaching about how to do something:
Strict parental tutelage is necessary for troubled youngsters. Under the tutelage of Professor Roberts, the 900 delegates assessed and discussed the social market economy.
chusta, szal
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a large piece of cloth worn especially by women or girls over their shoulders and/or head
połowac i zabijać dla jedzenia
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: to make raids for the sake of booty
She was prey to sexual abuse during her childhood. worry preyed upon his mind. Too often elderly people are easy prey for swindlers and other criminals.
krytykujący, osadzający
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too quick to criticize people
You must try not to be so judgmental about people.
sonda, dochodzenie (śledztwo), badać, zgłębiać, sondować
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He likes to probe about the universe and the meaning of life. Another space probe entered the orbit of Mars. The probe is nearly finished, we found the killer.
ponieść (straty), odnieść obrażenia; znosić
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to suffer or experience, especially damage or loss; to cause or allow something to continue for a period of time
He sustained a severe head injury Most buildings sustained only minimal damage in the earthquake... during the car crash. I can't sustain this heat. There wasn't enough water to sustain them. The company has sustained heavy losses this year.
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one of the different types of chemical substances that are produced in the body
something on steroids. I'm taking steroids/I'm on steroids for my asthma.
zaciskać (np. pięść), ścisnąć, uścisk
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to close or hold something very tightly, often in a determined or angry way:
He clenched his fist as if he wanted to hit me. After her comment, he clenched his jaw. He has a very strong clench.
właściciel lombardu
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a person who lends money in exchange for objects that he or she can sell if the person leaving the objects does not pay an agreed amount of money in an agreed time
pawnbroker's, pawnshop
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a substance that you put on your body to prevent or hide unpleasant smells
Someone should tell him to use (a) deodorant. He sprayed deodorant under his arms to ward off an unpleasant scent/ odour of sweat.
kierować kogoś do czegoś, odsyłać kogoś gdzieś (np. do przypisu)
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to direct someone or something to a different place or person for information, help, or action:
I will refer you to a blood test. The decision to refer the bid to the commission will open the way for a foreign company to launch an offer.
przycinać, podcinać (włosy, zdjęcie), skubać, przygryzać (np. trawę, rośliny)
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to crop
a short hairstyle. to make something shorter or smaller, especially by cutting. When animals such as sheep or horses crop grass or other plants, they eat the top parts.
You should crop your hair every month. This image is too big. Try to crop it. I observed the goat which was cropping the grass. I hope my apple trees will crop this year.
smark, smarkacz
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mucus produced in the nose. a person who is rude and thinks that they are better than other people
Amber is such a snot!
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I'm a plant, not a ashtray.

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