social life

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zapisać się na kurs francuskiego
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sing up for french classes
Instead of brooding at home, she singed up for french classes
mieć więcej czasu na spotkanie twarzą w twarz
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have more face time
You should have more face time with your children
spędzać czas z członkami gangu
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hang out with gang members
Her son was hang out with gang members right under her nose
mieć się ku sobie
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be an item
Jenny and Chris struck up a frend are an item now.
wystawić kogoś do wiatru na przyjęciu weselnym
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stand her up at the wedding rehearsal
Kate was mat with Peter after he had stood her up at the wedding rehearsal
spotykać się z przyjaciółmi
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bump into a friend
I've bump into a friend who I lost contact with a few years ago.
nadużywać gościnności
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outstay their welcome
They realised they had outstay their welcome at the party when they saw
wpaść do kogoś bez zaproszenia
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drop in for a chat
Mrs Evans often drop in for a chat with Grandma
zdominować rozmowę
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hog the conversation
Greg hog the conversation. He doen't let other pepole get a word in edgeways
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go out on the town
Let's go out on the town tonight and go wild
być zaproszonym
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be invited to booze
Last Saturday I was invited to booze at Poul's but I chose not to go
zostawać u kogoś na noc
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stay over at friend's house
pokłócić się
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has fallen out with
Jack hasn't got any friends. He has fallen out with literally everyone
przypaść sobie do gustu
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We met at my sister's place and we just clicked right away
być w dobrych stosunkach z
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get along with
Although she tried hard to get along with her colleagues, she felt like an outsider at work
przypaść sobie do gustu
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hit it off
They didn't hit it off in beginning. They got off on the wrong foot but they are good friends now.
być przyzwyczajony do pewnego wysiłku
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take some time getting used to
I met Brian at Tom's and he took some time getting used to. At firt I found him rather unapproachable.
być przywiązanym
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attached to
She is very attached her exboyfriend. Even thought they are not a couple anymore, they are still friends
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Robert is head over heels in love with Mary but she doesn't reciprocate his affections
żywić do kogoś urazę
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holds a grudge against
Mark holds a grudge against his brother because he once refused to lend him money
ubustwiac kogoś
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dote on sb's
Frank is a family man. He dotes on his wife and two children
tolerować; wytrzymywać; znosić
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put up with
I can't put up with my next door neighbours. They always play music much too lound
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Denis detests anybody who thinks differently from him
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Jason is a good boss who respects and appreciates his employees, unlike the old once who
związek na odległość
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long distance relationship
long distance relationships are a test to pepole's commitement
związek internetowy
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online relationship
An online relations is not much different from an offline one. It is only yhe medium that is different
związek cywilny
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civil union
Many pepole are against same-sex couples forming a civil union
stosunki rodzic-dziecko
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parent-child relationship
A quality parent child relationship is one in which parents and children spend a lot of time doing activities
romantyczny związek
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romantic relantionship
They were friends at first but with time their friendship developed into a romantic relationship
spokrewnione małżeństwo
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consanguineous marriage
Consanguineous marriages are prohibited by religion and law
szczenięca miłość
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puppy love
It is not true love. It is just puppy love between two teens
narzeczony; narzeczona
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Their betrothal was celebrated with a banquet attended by immediate family and close friends
przyjęcie z okazji rocznicy ślubu
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anniversal party
The paty; s theme evolved around what happened a yer ago, when we got married. We hosted a party where everything was made of paper because paper one of the first anniversaly symbols
koktajl party
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cocktail party
We chose sylish and chic clothes for this occasions. My husband was dressed in black trousers and suit, and I was wearing a little black satin dress. I spiced my outfit with high-heeled shoes, a small hanhbag and classic jewellery
pożegnalne przyjęcie
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going away party
They held the party for Mike who was going on a long holiday to India. They wanted to wish him a good trip and tell him that he would be missed. Mike was very touched by their effort and by the present they gave him 0 amemory scrapbook
przyjęcie niespodzianka
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suprise party
It was difficult to organise this party because Dad is very suspicious. We kept all party stuff at our neighbour's place. That way we weren't worried that Dad would find any party balloons of food. When Dad got home, everyone hid in the livingroom and when he walked in, we all jumped out yelling "surprise"
przyjęcie w drugi dzień Bożego narodzenia
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Boxing Day party
The party is held the day after Chrismas Day. It is always a great time to relax from the previous day's celebrations and reunion with families. Pepole invite their friend's to enjoy the time together. They usualy eat left-overs from Christmas Day
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housewarming party
Martin has just moved into a new flat and wants to show his new place to his friends. Although the flat is in a rather raw state and needs completion, he is throwing a party this weekend. Of course the party will be a simple get-together because it's the flat which is the main attractions
przyjęcie na którym obdarowuje się kobietę która urodziła dziecko
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baby shower
This party is held for the mum-to-be. It is usually informal and enjoyable and takes place in someone's home, though I've attended this kind of party in a restaurand or a club as well. A mum-to-be receives a shower of gifts such as baby clothes or toys
wieczór kawalerski
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stag party
It is a men-only party for the husband-to-be and it is organised to celebrate the end of a main's bachelor life. The groom spends a night out with his friends to have a great time together with music, food, dring and lots of fun
być w przyjacielskich układach z kimś
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rub shoulders wth sb
He rub shoulders wth pepole in high society
podlizywać się
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make up to sb
I hate the way she makes up out to her boss
być w zażyłych stosunkach
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hobnobbing with
Andrew is the sort of person who takes care to be seen hobnobbing with the city officials
kontakty towarzyskie
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social contacts
His father's got dood social contacts and know whose door knock on. No wonder his son got the job.
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There was a low turnout for the meeting. Fewer attendees came than expected
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The CEO has many official functions to attend such as commemorative ceremonies, gala diners, banquets, retirement events, ect.
budowanie kontaktów biznesowych
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A conference is an excellent opportunity to do some networking,
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My new colleagues are very cliquish. You may have a polite conversation with them but it is very hard to socialise with
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I hand out my business cards only when my interlocutor ask for once
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If tou are with a woman, pull a chair out for her before she sit
prawić komplementy
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After you finish the meal, compliment the cook on the food and his culinary skills
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One should know dining etiquette to behave properly at the table and eat in company
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Always excuse yourself if you need to leave the table during and eat in company
garbić się
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You shouldn't slouch or lean back in your chair
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Try not to slurp or eat loudly. Making noises is very unappetising and many put pepole off eating
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Do not wave to cutlery around, especially the kneife
wiercić się
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You never want to fidget around, especially the knife
bawić się bezmyślnie
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Do not fiddle with your tie or jewellery. Keep your hands relaxed
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Keep your elbows off the table. It takes up table space and creates the risk of tipping over plates of cup
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Parent's should teach their children table manners from an early age

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