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sth you are trying to achieve

to underpin
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to support or form the basis of an argument

to behave and think in the same way as most other people in a group or society; to obey a rule, law

to feel and show sadness because sb has died

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a shelf above a fireplace

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calmness and quietness

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an idea or opinion that is formed before you have enough information or experience

not supporting one person or a group more than another

to live up sb's expectations
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to be as good as expected

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disappointed because the person you admired or idea you believed to be good and true now seems without value

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the state of expecting sth to happen and being preparing for it

to tread on sb's toe
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to offend sb

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looking at and judging things in a fair and open way

slow to speak or act because you feel uncertain, embarassed or unwilling

making sb feel upset and offended

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easily upset by criticism or insults

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believeing that particular events cannot be explained by reason or science

a state in which 2 people companies are competing for the same thing

not important or serious, not worth considering

when 2 things overlap, part of one covers part of the other

to feel crushed
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to feel emotionally devastated

the feeling of not being able to believe sth

the publicity
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the things that are done to attract attention

press coverage
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reports about sth in newspapers and other media

a difficulty or a problem that delays or prevents sth

to become weaker or less effective

a feelinf of anxiety and worry about a situation or about your life

to plead with sb
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to beg sb

refusal of acceptance of sb/sth

freelance work
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earning money by selling your services or work to different organisations rather than being employed by a single company

to say that sth you have said earlier is not true or correct ar that you didn't mean it

an idea, a belief or an understanding of sth

to stand in for sb
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to take sb's place for a short time

not worried or surprised by sth unexpected that happens

done quickly but in a way that is not very well organised

to clock off
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to record the time at which you leave work

to approve of sth and be able to accept it or enjoy it

to re-structure
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to organise sth such as a system or a company in a new and different way

to be reluctant to do sth
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unwilling to do sth

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loss of one's sense of direction; mental confusion or impaired awareness

mental and physical fatigue
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exhaustion that can be triggered by stress, overwork or disease

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not large, strong or important enough for a particular purpose

not severe or strong

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the process of removing water from a substance or compound

to delude sb/sth into doing sth
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to fool someone into thinking sth

mounting evidence
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a growing body of evidence

the selling of goods to the public

goods that are bought and sold in a large quantities, especially to make a profit

rigid working hours
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not flexible working hours

to take its toll
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to cause harm or suffering

quickly and without difficulty

to make sth larger or longer

at short notice
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in a brief time; promptly

to prevent sth from happening

to handle sth
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to deal with sth

to ram sth home
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to emphasize the importance of what you are saying in order to make certain people understand it

a promise to do sth or to behave in a particular way

to cause sth to happen

to have to deal with sth difficult or unpleasant in order to achieve sth

to abolish sth
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to end officially

determined not to change your mind or to be persuated

the degree of mental or moral confidence of a person or a group

to sympathise with sb
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to feel sorry for sb

staff turnover
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a rate at which an employer gains and loses employees

to devise sth
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to invent sth new or a new way of doing sth

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the rate at which a worker/company/country produces goods, ant the amount produced, compared with how much time, work and money is needed to produce them

to make sth up
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to form sth

having a meaning that is not directly or clearly expressed, or that is not intended

sth that encourages you to do sth

words or actions that are carefully planned to get the advantage of sth

to be on the verge of doing sth
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to be at the very beginning of doing sth

a person who doesn't believe that sth good will happen or that is important; a person who believes that other people olny do thing for themselves, rather than for good or sincere reasons

a result that you try to achieve

a list of people's names ant the jobs they have to do at a particular time

the amount of work that has to be done

a quantity of work that should have been done but has not been done yet

to give sb the power or authority to do sth

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