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błyszczeć, świecić się
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to glitter
The actress's diamond earrings glittered brilliantly under the spotlights.
trudny do przełknięcia, przykry
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The unpalatable truth is that the team isn't going to get any better.
zmniejszać (się), obniżać (się)
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to decrease
The report showed that the crime rate decreased by 6% in 2011.
kwitnać, rozwijać się
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to flourish
Jazz music began to flourish and dancing became a popular activity in the 1930s.
migotać, iskrzyć, błyszczeć
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to twinkle
When stars and planets are lower on the horizon, they tend to twinkle more.
niezgodny, nielogiczny
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The stataments of the victim and the suspect are inconsistent.

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