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Member of Parliament
to have much on one’s plate
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to be busy
he who pays the piper is calls the tune
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the one who is powerful decides
all the glitters is not gold
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not everything that look precious is precious
a trouble shared is a trouble halved
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it’s easier to deal with problems if you have sb to rely on
blood is thicker than water
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close relatives matter more than other people
he who hesitates is lost
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people should act decisively
a stitch in time saves nine
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a timely effort will prevent more work later
in for a penny in for a pound
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once involved one mus not stop at half-measurements
what you lose on the swings you gain in the roundabouts
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not everything can be balanced
familiarity breeds contempt
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when you know sb too well, you may lose respect for him/her
to withstand
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to tolerate, to bear
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not affected/incluenced, nieczuły
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hard work, zgrzytać, mielić
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sth unpleasnat, tiring, harówka, mordęga

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