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umowa zlecenie
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mandate contract

payment in nature (3)
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non- cash wages/ wage in kind/ allowance in kind

zasiłek rodzinny
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family allowance

dodatek mieszkaniowy
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housing allowance

money from national insurance when you are sick
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sickness benefit

money paid by the emopler when sb is ill
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sick pay

money in hands
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disposable income


gross income

net income

something especially money, that encourages a person or organization to do something
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duży benefit (3)
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a big/ great/ generous incentive

pakiet benefitów
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incentive package/ plan/ system

stworzyć/ oferować/ dostarczać benefit
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create/offer/provide an incentive

a payment made to an executive when they start work at a company
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golden hello

a payment made to an executive when they leavecompany
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golden parachute

a payment to someone who sells homes, products, investments - PROWIZJA płacić/ otrzymać prowizję
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commision make/pay/receive a commission

an extra thing given by an employer in addition to your pay but it is not in the form of money
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fringe benefit

an adventage or extra thing, such as money or goods, which your are given for doing your job
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to hear news from someone who heard the news from someone else
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to hear on the grapevine

zawrzeć umowę o pracę/ rozwiązać umowę o pracę
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to enter into an employment contract/ to conclude a contract of employment/ terminate a contract of employment

martwy zapis
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dead letter

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