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To begin with
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na początek – To begin with, you have to remember that...
First of all/ firstly/ secondly
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przede wszystkim/ po pierwsze/ po drugie
As for
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co do – As for functions, there are all of them.
As regards
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co się tyczy – As regards the introduced options, they are very useful
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poza tym, następnie – I agree and then there is another aspect.
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zresztą, oprócz tego – It’s too long and besides I don’t like the author’s style.
What is more
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co więcej – His attitude is wrong and what’s more, he seems to be a layman.
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co więcej – Further, the author has to reconsider his claims
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ponadto – Furthermore, I neglect such a view.
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ponadto – The idea is not reasonable and moreover it’s unreal.

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