Phrasale 5

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move around: spread

get sth across
empezar lección
make sth understood

get away (from)
empezar lección
1) escape, 2) leave

get along (with)
empezar lección
have a friendly relationship

1) reach, 2) imply, suggest

get away with sth
empezar lección
avoid being punished for sth

1) to avoid punishment, 2) to descend from a bus etc

get sb down
empezar lección

1) enter a bus etc, 2) manage

get on with
empezar lección
continue, often after interruption

1) return to usual state of health, happiness etc after sth bad, 2) overcome

get (a)round
empezar lección
coax; persuade sb by kindness

get through
empezar lección
1) finish work, 2) reach sb by phone

1) give sth for free, 2) reveal



1) surrender, 2) hand in


1) stop (a habit etc), 2) surrender

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