Phrasal verbs in business

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get out (leave, escape)
I've been stuck in the office all day. I wish I could get out for 30 minutes. Do you think it is important to get out often when zou are work?
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get down to do sth (begin to do something)
I've got lots of work to do. I need to get down to it. What time of the day do you find it easier to get down to work?
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zabrać się do czegoś
get away with (escape blame or punishment
Jackie never seems to do much work. I don't know how she gets away with it.
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ujsc komus na sucho
to come up with (think of or produce (an idea, solution)
Joanne always tries to come up with great ideas at meetings. Unfortunately, nobody likes them. What helps you come up with great ideas?
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wpaść na (dobry pomysł)
to pull out of (withdraw from)
In the end, they decided to pull out of the deal. It wasn't a favourable agreement.
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Wycofać się
to knock off (leave work to go home)
There isn't much work to do. I think I'll knock off early. Do you tend to knock off early or late?
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skończyć pracę
to stand out (be noticable)
Our new product will really make us stand out in the market. What makes your company stand out in the market?
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Wyróżniać się (być zauważalnym)
to slack off (work less hard than usual)
Karl tend to slack off in the afternoon. He doesn't have much energy late in the day. Why do you think some emplozees slack off?
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obijać się
go under (go bankrupt)
If we can't survive the financial crisis, we are likely to under. Do many business go under in your country?
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pójść na dno (zbankrutować)
fall through (fail)
Bad news. It looks like the deal is going to fall through.
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nie udać się, nie dojść do skutku
look forward to sth (eagerly wait for)
Do you look forward to meetings?
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cut down (reduce)
How does your company cut down costs?
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zmniejszać, obniżać
sum up (summarise)
Is somebody responsible for summing up meetings in your company?
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put forward (suggest)
Does your company's director always accept ideas that are put forward?
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lay off (dismiss)
When is ita good idea to lay off workers?
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get on to (make contact with)
When did yoy last get on to a customer or supplier? What was it about?
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nawiązywać kontakt
go over (examine)
First let's examine (go over) the report fom the las meeting which was held on April 4th.
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analizować (badać, kontrolować, przyjrzeć się)
hand out (distribute)
You will find a copy of the different ideas discussed in the photocopies that I\ve handed out (distributed).
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I'm looking forward to your reply. (informal)
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Czekam na Twoją odpowiedź. (nieformalny)
I look forward to hearing from you. (formal)
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Czekam na Twoją odpowiedź. (form.)
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chętnie, z niecierpliwością
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zwolnić z pracy

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