phrasal verbs

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brush up (on) sth
empezar lección
to improve your skills in something: I'm trying to brush up on my French before I go to Paris.
come round
empezar lección
to change your opinion of something, often influenced by another person's opinion: He'll come round to my point of view, given a bit of time.
come up with
empezar lección
to suggest or think of an idea or plan: She's come up with some amazing scheme to double her income.
face up to sth
empezar lección
to accept that a difficult situation exists: She's going to have to face up to the fact that he's not going to marry her.
figure out
empezar lección
to finally understand something or someone, or find the solution to a problem after a lot of thought: [+ question word] I can't figure out why he did it. I find him really odd - I can't figure him out at all. Can you figure out the answer to question 5?
hit upon
empezar lección
suddenly have an idea, discover something by chance
make out
empezar lección
to see, hear, or understand something or someone with difficulty: The numbers are too small - I can't make them out at all. I can't make out your writing.
mull over/thing over
empezar lección
to think carefully about something for a long time
piece together
empezar lección
learn the truthabout sth by considering all the separate bits of information you have
puzzle out
empezar lección
solve confusing or complicated problem by thinking carefully about it
read up (on, about)
empezar lección
get information on a particular subject by reading a lot about it
swot up on
empezar lección
to learn as much as you can about a subject, especially before an exam: She's at home, swotting up on her maths.
take in
empezar lección
understand and remember something that you hear or read, accept sth as real or true, trick someone into believing something that is not true
think through
empezar lección
to carefully consider the possible results of doing something: It sounds like a good idea but we need to think it through.
think up
empezar lección
invent or imagine something, especially an excuse

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