phrasal verbs

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make sense

inquire about

yield in an argument

bargain for
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take into account

confirm the truth

lose control of the emotions

stop talking

come to an end

bring about
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cause to happen

succeed in doing sth

cause the onset of an illness

cause trouble to happen to oneself

bring round
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influence someone to your point of view


complete successfully- perhaps despite a problem

complete a plan

become popular (col.)


come down to
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be in the end a matter of

come in for
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receive- especially criticism, blame

take place succesfully


occur- usually a problem (col.)

come up against
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meet a difficulty

equal- especially expectations, standards

come up with
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think of- especially a plan, answer, solution

rely on

happen unexpectedly (col.)

do away with
empezar lección
abolish (col.)

decorate (col.)

come to a stop

organize- especially a document

pay a visit (col.)

fall asleep (col.)

finish in a certain way, place

have courage to deal with

show amusement - especially laughing (col.)

fall back on
empezar lección
use as a last resort

be deceived by (col.)

fall in love (col.)

fall out with
empezar lección
quarrel with

fall through
empezar lección
fail to come to completion

feel capable of doing

act upon a suggestion

take more action

be understood

imply- about personal matters (col.)

make to feel depressed (col.)

get down to
empezar lección
begin to seriously deal with

avoid punishment

approach a certain age/time/number

make progress- especially in life

be surprised

get over with
empezar lección
come to an end of something, usually unpleasant

get round to
empezar lección
find time to do

do sth- usually bad when about children (col.)

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