Phrasal verbs

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answer back
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odpowiadać niegrzecznie, pyskować How dare you answer back like that?!

answer for sb/sth
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odpowiadać za coś, ponosić odpowiedzialność You can't make me answer for his mistakes. That's unfair!

ręczyć za I can answer for her qualifications in the field.

ask after sb
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pytać o kogoś, dopytywać sie He seems to be really interested - he keeps asking after you.

zaprosić kogoś (do kina, restauracji) You behave like a moron! Ask her out and then you will know if she likes you or not!

back sb/sth up
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popierać, potwierdzać Will you back me up if I present the alternative solution to the problem?

wycofywać się Make them sign the agreement so that they would not back out from the project.

odwołać (np. spotkanie) They had to call the meeting off because their partners asked for more time to decide on conditions.

zepsuć się They got caught quite easily as their runaway car broke down after few miles.

załamywać się, kończyć się niepowodzeniem The discussion broke down because nobody wanted to accept any compromise.

poszukiwać, gonić, ścigać John is after a job in marketing.

break up (with sb)
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zerwać z kimś I didn't know Leven has broken up with Joe!

wybuchać He burst out laughing when he heard this joke for the first time.

opiekować się, troszczyć She cares for her younger sister.

wypełniać, wykonać, zrealizować I hope she will carry out her research as it may be a real breakthrough.

zgłosić się do odprawy All the passengers should check in one hour before the departure.

zaznaczać (np. na liście) Please check off all the names on the list to make sure everyone's present.

sprawdzać Can somebody check out who is at the door?

check up on sth/sb
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sprawdzać, kontrolować I hate when he checks up on me to be sure that I go where I tell him.

zdać pokój (w hotelu), wymeldować się She checked out early in the morning and continued her journey.

posprzątać Clean up your room before you leave.

clear sth out
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posprzątać dokładnie Next weekend I'm gonna finally clear my wardrobe out.

przejaśniać się (o pogodzie), przechodzić (o chorobie) The weather's clearing up.

clear sth up
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wyjaśniać, rozwiązywać (zagadkę, problem) Yes, we had an arguement but we cleared it up already.

zachmurzyć się As the sky clouded over, we had to resign from sunbathing that day.

zdarzać się He said he had no idea how all these things may have come about in his company.

come across
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sprawiać wrażenie John came across as being an extremely shy person.

come across sth/sb
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natknąć się (na coś/kogoś) I came across this precious painting while I was tidying my basement.

rozpadać się We need a new bed, the old one is coming apart.

wracać Don't wait for me, I don't know when I'll be coming back.

pojawiać się, ukazywać się The first issue of this newspaper came out in 1956.

polegać na You can always depend on me. The tram is late again! You really can't depend on public transport.

depend on sth
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zależeć (od czegoś) Our decision depends on the results of the test.

zanikać, cichnąć Her voice gradually died away and there was silence again.

wymierać, zanikać Dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago.

do away with sth
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pozbywać się Why don't they do away with all these stupid rules!

radzić sobie bez czegoś I'm afraid she'll have to do without my help.

wpaść (z wizytą) Do not hesitate to drop in whenever you're in the neighbourhood.

rezygnować Sue decided to drop out of school.

zjeść na mieście Do you feel like eating out today's evening?

zagłębiać się He doesn't want to enter into details at the moment.

rozpadać się Her relationship fell apart after two years. When Mark left Eve, her whole world fell apart.

fall for sb/sth
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zakochać się I fell for her the moment I saw her for the first time.

oddawać (w walce, bójce) Don't stand like this! Fight back!

fill in sth
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wypełniać Please fill in the application form.

fill (sth) up
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wypełnić, zapełnić The room was filled up with people.

dowiedzieć się Did you find out how much he had paid?

fool around/about
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wygłupiać się Stop fooling around with the knife or you'll get hurt.

uciec I thought I would never get away from that boring guy!

get away with sth
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uchodzić na sucho We all knew he was lying but he managed to get away with it.

wracać When did you get back?

get sth back
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dostać coś z powrotem Can I borrow this book? You'll get it back next week.

get sb down
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zasmucać, przygnębiać I hate autumn. It's always getting me down.

get sth down
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zapisywać Did you get her telephone number down?

przychodzić, przyjeżdżać What time did you get in last night?

get in (into)
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wsiadać, wchodzić How did all of you manage to get into such a small car? The doors were closed and I couldn't get in.

get off (sth)
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wysiadać, wychodzić To get to the museum you have to get off at fifth stop. What time do you usually get off work?

get on/along
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radzić sobie How is she getting on in the marketing course?

wsiadać do/na The bus was full so we couldn't get on.

get on/along (with sb)
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mieć przyjazne stosunki z kimś I and Susan get on with each other.

wysiadać I got out of the car and went home.

wynosić się Get out of my house!

wychodzić, spotykać się z ludźmi Mark doesn't go out much.

get out of sth
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wykręcać się I don't feel like going to her parents but I can't get out of it now.

dochodzić do siebie, pogodzić się z czymś It took him over two years to get over his wife's death.

znaleźć rozwiązanie problemu There were many technical problems but they got over it.

get round/around
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ominąć problem, znaleźć rozwiązanie We still have to get around the lack of resources.

get (sb) through (sth)
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poradzić sobie z czymś, przejść przez coś, pomagać komuś przejść przez coś He got through the exams and got into college.

get through
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dodzwonić się I tried to contact her but I couldn't get through.

get together (with sb)
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spotykać się Let's get together and talk about it.

wstawać Everyone got up as the president arrived.

wstawać (z łóżka) Mike always gets up at 7 o'clock.

give sb away
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prowadzić pannę młodą do ołtarza The bride's father usually gives her away.

give sth away
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rozdawać, oddawać Mary gave her old clothes away to poor people.

give sb/sth away
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zdradzać He's so self-controlled that he never gives his true feelings away.

oddawać Please give me back my CDs.

give in to sb/sth
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poddawać się komuś, czemuś She gave in to despair and refused to take medicine.

give sth out
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rozdawać Could you give out the leaflets to everyone?

poddawać się Don't give up. There's still a chance.

give up sth
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przestać coś robić I gave up smoking two months ago.

rozpoczynać We can't go ahead with the project without him.

wyjeżdżać, iść (sobie) Leave me alone! Go away!

wracać When are you going back to Madrit?

upływać (czas) As time went by, her fear grew more and more.

przechodzić She was standing at the window and watching people go by.

spadać Now, as the prices went down, I can afford this car.

zatonąć (o statku) The Titanic went down on her virgin voyage.

wybuchać Two people died when a bomb went off in a shop.

wyłączać się, gasnąć All the lights went off when a thunderbolt hit the house.

kontynuować, trwać Sorry for the interruption, please go on.

wychodzić, wyjeżdżać Let's go out for a walk.

gasnąć The light went out as we sat for dinner.

chodzić ze sobą, spotykać się Tom and Mary have been going out for seven years.

go through sth
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przechodzić przez coś, cierpieć During her marriage she went through hell with her husband.

go together
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pasować do siebie In my opinion the dark shirt and this tie go together perfectly.

zatonąć After being hit with a torpedo the ship went under in few minutes.

plajtować My company went under and I was fired.

rosnąć The price of bread has gone up again.

go with sth
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pasować White wine best goes with fish.

go with sth
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towarzyszyć, dziać się jako skutek czegoś Riots usually go with unnecessary bloodshed.

obywać się bez czegoś You'll have to go without bonus this month.

dorastać Don't behave like a child! Grow up!

hand sth in
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oddawać, wręczać Please finish writing and hand in the essays.

wydawać, wręczać My job is to stand on the pavement and hand out leaflets to people.

czekać przez chwilę Hang on a second, I'll be right there.

trzymać się Hang on or you'll fall.

odkładać słuchawkę She was so annoying that I just hung up.

iść/jechać w określonym kierunku, zmierzać do The troops were heading for the capital city.

otrzymywać od kogoś wiadomość I haven't heard from him for ages.

odgryźć się You have to hit back after what he's told you.

powstrzymywać, zatrzymywać Bodyguards had to hold back the crowd as Madonna stepped out of the car.

czekać chwilę Hold on a second, I'm almost ready.

pośpieszyć się Hurry up! We have to be there at 5.

przyłączać się We're going for a picnic tomorrow. Why don't you join in?

trzymać się z daleka od czegoś Keep away from him or you'll get into trouble.

kontynuować, robić coś dalej, bez przerwy Why you always keep on asking me about Mark? I don't want to talk about him!

keep up (with)
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nadążać, być na bieżąco I can't keep up with computers, it's all changing too fast for me.

rozpoczynać mecz (piłki nożnej) What time do they kick off?

wiedzieć o czymś, znać Do you know of any Italian restaurants in Paris?

śmiać się z czegoś What are you laughing at?

opuszczać, pomijać Prepare the list carefully, I don't want anyone to be left out.

zawodzić You let me down again, I can't trust you any more.

wypuszczać, pozwolić iść The classes finished earlier but we were not let out before 3 o'clock.

zalogować się, włączyć do sieci I can't log in, I forgot the password.

log out/off
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wylogować się, wyłączyć się z sieci Please log out and turn the computer off.

opiekować się, pilnować We need to find someone to look after the kids when we're out tomorrow evening.

look around
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rozglądać się Look around and check if you find something interesting for you.

przyglądać się, patrzeć What are you looking at?

spoglądać w przeszłość When I look back, I must admit that I don't regret anything in my life.

look forward to
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cieszyć sie na coś, bardzo czekać na I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

badać, przyglądać się The police are looking into the cause of the accident.

uważać Look out!

look out for
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uważać na Look out for your bag or someone will steal it.

look through
empezar lección
przeglądać She looked through the fashion magazines but found nothing interesting.

sprawdzać Could someone look up this word in a dictionary?

poruszać się w kierunku czegoś He tried to make for the exit but was too drunk to reach it.

be made for
empezar lección
być stworzonym dla kogoś/siebie Mary and Paul seem to be made for each other.

myśleć o, sądzić o What do you make of Peter? I think he's very intelligent.

robić makijaż I always make up before I leave house.

make it up to sb
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wynagradzać They helped me so much... I don't know how I am going to make it up to them.

mess about/around
empezar lección
nie robić nic specjalnego, kręcić się bez celu Will you stop messing around and start working?

wprowadzać się I didn't like this flat when I moved in but now I think it's quite cosy.

wyprowadzać się We have to move out till the end of the month.

umierać, odchodzić The old lady passed away yesterday at ten.

przechodzić, przejeżdżać obok Every day I pass by this shop when I'm on my way to work.

zemdleć It was so stuffy in the room that I wasn't surprised at all that some people passed out.

podnosić Sue picked up the phone and dialled her boyfriend's number.

nauczyć się (bez formalnych lekcji) I picked up a lot of new words during my trip to London.

odebrać, zabrać Will you pick me up from the station on Monday?

podłączyć (np. do kontaktu) I haven't plugged in the TV yet, I just bought it.

wydrukować Could you please print out this document for me?

zburzyć They had to pull down the old building to built a new shopping centre there.

wjeżdżać na stację The train from Manchester is pulling in on platform 1.

wyjeżdżać ze stacji A train has just pulled out of the station.

zatrzymać się, zaparkować A blue car has just pulled up near the cinema.

odłożyć na miejsce Remember to put back the CDs when you don't listen to them.

odkładać I'm afraid we have to put back our appointment.

cofać wskazówki zegara, przestawiać godzinę Remember to put back your watch when you'll land in London.

put forward
empezar lección
przesunąć wskazówkę do przodu, zmienić czas na późniejszy We put the clocks forward in spring.

kłaść Put down your bags and let's go to the kitchen.

ośmieszać kogoś, upokarzać How could you put me down in front of all these people?!

odkładać, przełożyć na inny termin Can you put off the meeting? I need to talk to you.

zakładać (na siebie) It's quite cold so you'd better put on your coat.

zapalić (światło) Put on the light please.

gasić (światło, ogień, etc.) Put out the lights, I'm tired and want to go sleep. Put the cigarette out, it's non-smoking area.

put up with
empezar lección
znosić How do you put up with him? He's so irritating.

czytać na głos Now I will read out the names of our competition winners.

odnosić się, być powiązanym This book relates to the case of JFK's assasination.

zadzwonić ponownie She can't talk at the moment, can you ring back later?

dzwonić, telefonować Ring me up in the evening.

zaokrąglić w górę Round it up to 50 zlotys, please.

zaokrąglać w dół They rounded it down to $3000.

wykluczyć The police had ruled him out as a suspect.

spotkać, wpaść na kogoś przypadkiem She run across her old love when she was buying present for her husband.

uciekać Run away or they'll beat you up.

spotkać kogoś przypadkiem You won't believe whom I ran into this morning!

natrafiać You'll run into problems if you take this case.

kończyć się, brakować We've run out of the paper for printing. Time's running out, we've got only 2 minutes left. I ran out of butter in the morning so I had to go shopping.

podbiec I ran up to him and gave him a hug.

zepsuć, zniszczyć You'd better not screw it up this time.

odprowadzać kogoś All my friends came to see me off at the airport.

see through
empezar lección
przejrzeć (podstęp) I didn't see her through and now I'm toasted.

wyprzedawać A bookstore sold out his new book in just few hours.

wysyłać, nadsyłać Please send in application forms before the end of the month.

wyruszyć, rozpocząć podróż We set off early in the morning.

wyruszać, rozpoczynać podróż We are planning to set out at about 8.

settle down
empezar lección
osiedlić się, zamieszkać na stałe He thinks it is high time to settle down and start a decent life.

zastrzelić, zestrzelić Three enemy planes have been shot down during the battle.

zapisać się, wpisać na listę First of all you have to sign in at reception.

wypisać się Don't forget to sign out before you leave.

zapisać się John has signed up for almost all classes. When will he find time for that?

pojawiać się We'd been waiting for him 2 hours and he didn't show up.

zwalniać You're driving too fast, please slow down.

mówić za kogoś Speak for yourself. I hate this place.

przyspieszać Speed up, we can't drive so slow on a highway.

rozejść się I'm not with Susan any more, we split up two weeks ago.

odsunąć się The police told everyone to stand back.

być w gotowości The antiterrorist squads are standing by behind this building.

oznaczać, znaczyć Do you know what CNN stands for?

zaczynać coś od nowa I made so many mistakes that I better start everything over again.

trzymać sie z dala You'd better stay away from my brother.

zostać w domu I don't feel like going out today, I'll stay in.

być poza domem do późna I don't mind if he stays out but yesterday he went too far.

stay out of
empezar lección
trzymać się z dala Stay out of any troubles or you'll get back to jail.

nie kłaść się, iść do łóżka później Tom stayed up till 3 in the night to watch the final NBA play.

strike back
empezar lección
bronić się, zaatakować kogoś If we attack them, they will strike back for sure.

podsumować To sum up our discussion - we need to hire two more people.

włączać Switch on the TV, there's weather forecast in few minutes.

wyłączyć Switch off the radio before you leave.

zaskoczyć I was taken aback when I heard Sue married Tom.

być podobnym (do kogoś w rodzinie) Peter takes after his father, he's very tall.

zabierać, odbierać Mary took away a knife from her child.

oddawać, zwracać Adam took his new trousers back as he discovered a flaw on them.

cofać (co się powiedziało o kimś) I admit that I was wrong about Helen. I take back everything I said about her.

wystartować When I was young I loved watching planes take off.

naśladować, parodiować She is really good at taking her teacher off.

zdejmować, ściągać He was so tired that he didin't even take his clothes off.

usuwać He had his tooth taken out.

zatrudniać Our company wants to take on two new programmers.

przejmować (obowiązki) I wonder who will take over from me when I'm on long holiday.

brać/zabierać się za coś Sue's taken up basketball recently.

wyrzucać When will you finally throw away this old coat?

wyśledzić, wytropić They managed to track down that stolen jewellry from the Royal Collection.

przymierzać Try on the red blouse, I think it suits better.

wypróbować We're trying out a new computer system in our company.

zawracać After two days we had no money and had to turn back.

odrzucić (propozycję) Mark asked Susan to marry him but she turned him down.

wyłączać Turn off the radio please, I'd like to read.

włączać Turn on the TV, the game starts in few minutes.

okazać się It turned out that we've bought the same skirt.

zwracać się (z prośbą) He turned to the judge to postpone the date of the trial.

pojawić się, znaleźć się He disappeared as quick as he had turned up.

identify with
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utożsamiać się Many girls try to identify with their idols.

zmywać I hate washing up.

uważać Watch out! You are not allowed to walk here without proper equipment!

pochłaniać, zagłębiać się After having her first baby, she was totally immersed in family life.

impose sth on/upon
empezar lección
narzucać coś Spanish invaders imposed their culture and beliefs on native Americans.

zapisywać Would you like to write down my address?

folgować sobie/ pozwalać sobie na coś I indulged in a cup of hot chocolate in the morning.

inform on sb
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informować/donosić The police have somebody here to inform on the terrorists' movements.

infringe on/upon
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naruszać/łamać This new law will infringe on freedom of speech, I'm afraid.

inquire into
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wypytywać o coś/badać/dochodzić The judge wants the deputy to inquire into the case in greater detail.

insist on/upon
empezar lección
domagać się/upierać się Lucy insisted on seeing her lawyer before giving any answers to officer's questions.

interfere with
empezar lección
majstrować przy czymś/zakłócać I don't want my kids to interfere with any electrical stuff that we have at home.

palić się do zrobienia czegoś/nie móc się doczekać I was itching for the lesson to end, as we were supposed to have a match right after it.

wyszarpnąć/ wyciągnąć He fought for a while with the cord but finally yanked out the plug from the socket.

zmusić kogoś, przycisnąć She told us just the news - we will need to nail her down to reveal more details.

nazwać po kimś Jacky was named after her grandmother.

narrow down
empezar lección
zawęzić We wanted to narrow down the list of candidates for the elections.

przysnąć, zdrzemnąć się He usually nods off in front of the TV.

nose about/around
empezar lección
szukać/węszyć Call the security! Somebody was nosing around in my office.

notować/zapisywać Please note down the following emergency numbers.

sprzeciwiać się, oponować The President objected to the idea of further cuts in defence spending.

trzymać się (np. zasad) If you refuse to adhere to the rules of the club, you may be expelled.

dążyć do czegoś/być skierowanym na coś Most of his books are aimed at teenager readers.

associate with
empezar lección
łączyć /wiązać coś z czymś It's ridiculous to associate happiness with full bank account...

liczyć na coś Tom is very disappointed as he banked on the pay rise and finally he didn't get it.

pobić kogoś/ poturbować He was dragged out of the car and beaten up by the street gang.

pochylić się Johnny! Bend down and do your shoelaces.

blend in/into
empezar lección
wtapiać się Chameleons can blend in with their surroundings.

boss about/ round
empezar lección
rządzić/ dyrygować kimś I hate when somebody wants to boss me around!

wyłamać się He wanted to break away from the traditional image of an artist and always wore suits in his studio.

uciec z więzienia He broke out of the state prison last night.

wybuchać (o wojnie lub epidemii) The anthrax epidemic was prevented form breaking out.

break through
empezar lección
przełamać coś/ przedrzeć się The soldiers are reported to successfully break through the enemy's trenches.

breeze into (the building, etc)
empezar lección
wchodzić gdzieś pewnie She usually breezes into the meeting and shares her opinions with everybody present.

breeze through
empezar lección
przejść przez coś z łatwością He breezed through the university entrance exams.

brighten up
empezar lección
rozjaśnić, upiększyć She put some flowers to the vase to brighten the room up.

bring about
empezar lección
spowodować Now we can just wait what these changes will bring about.

bring sb around/round
empezar lección
ocucić We tried to bring her round but in vain.

przywrócić The photos we watched together brought back a lot of memories.

obalić The present acute crisis in economy may bring the government down.

bring together
empezar lección
pogodzić/ polepszyć stosunki The disaster brought the local community together.

wychować She was brought up to respect other people.

brush aside
empezar lección
zignorować, odrzucić He brushed aside his advisor's ideas and consequently lost the campaign.

podszlifować, odświeżyć (umiejętności) He went to France to brush up on his French before the exam.

spotkać, 'wpaść' na kogoś I bumped into my Mum when I tried to leave the house unnoticed.

opatulić She bundled the kittens up in blankets before taking them to the vet.

wtargnąć The crowd burst in the palace and started the plunder.

wtrącać się, mieszać do czegoś She got mad as he butted in once again with his stupid remarks.

zapiąć guziki Button up Billy, will you? It's quite cold today.

wpaść do kogoś Call in for a cup of coffee when you are in town.

uspokoić się They had a hard time in their relationship but now everything seems to have calmed down.

kontynuować The light went out but the surgeon insisted on carrying on with the operation.

dogonić, dorównać You will have to work harder in order to catch up with the rest of the team.

zdradzać (żonę/męża) She had a nervous breakdown when she discovered that her husband has been cheating on her.

rozchmurzyć się, poweseleć She went to the hairdresser to cheer herself up after the test.

chew sth over
empezar lección
rozgryźć coś, 'przeżuć' OK. There is no need to hurry - you can just chew it over and give the answer next week.

'wyluzować' Oh, come on! Get a drink and chill out!

zrzucić się We all chipped in for our parents' present.

spaść This shelf is overloaded! It may come down any minute!

come around/round
empezar lección
odzyskać przytomność As she was the only witness of the accident, the police officer waited till she came round to ask her some questions.

come down on
empezar lección
ostro coś krytykować/ 'zjechać' The press came down on his new play.

come down with
empezar lección
zachorować He came down with flu and had to stay in bed.

rozluźnić się, zrelaksować I like to wind down watching movies with my friends.

come out with
empezar lección
wyskakiwać z czymś She came out with her accusations quite unexpectedly.

liczyć na kogoś You can always count on Jim in situation like this.

skreślić, wykreślić Your essay is too long - cross some sentences out.

przytulić się I often cuddle up to my pony when I feel unhappy.

cut down on
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ograniczyć coś I try to cut down on sweets and coffee.

ograniczyć, skrócić I think you should cut down hours you spend in front of computer screen.

zajechać drogę He cursed and slammed on the brakes as the car suddenly cut in in front of him.

wtrącić się, przerwać She shows no respect to anyone - she is always cutting in! No matter who is speaking.

odciąć Electricity has been cut off for the whole week.

zajmować się, radzić sobie z czymś Do you think you can deal with this sort of problem?

zdecydować się na coś We have decided on holiday in Spain.

zagłębiać się I don't want to delve into details concerning his death. It's too painful.

pozbawić czegoś Living in the country will deprive you of all the nightlife you like so much.

poświęcać się She devoted all her life to fighting for human rights.

'dokopać się' do informacji I spent hours in the library but finally I dug out everything I needed.

zapiąć, zasunąć Could you help me do up my dress?

odwlec, odciągnąć Drag him away from the TV somehow! He needs more exercise.

podrzucić kogoś gdzieś po drodze I'm going to the city centre now, so if you want I can drop you off to the library.

rozpamiętywać coś Jimmy! Stop moaning and dwelling on your past mistakes! The show must go on!

zanikać The ink writing has faded away and now it is barely visible.

fall behind
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zostawać z tyłu The horse started the race quite promising but then fell behind on the last bend. Tom has fallen behind in his English recently.

pokłócić się (i zerwać znajomość) I haven't seen him since we fell out last week. And I don't think I want to...

współczuć We felt for her when her husband disappeared and left her with all his debts.

focus on/upon
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koncentrować się His research focuses on developing new information technologies.

składać You can fold the map up - I know where we are.

frolic about/around
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wygłupiać się, bawić He loves frolicking around with his dog.

spędzać czas In summer a lot of young people hang out here.

mieć przy sobie Do you have any money on you?

podgrzać His rude answer heated up the discussion.

podgrzać Heat the dish up before serving.

opóźniać The flight to London was held up due to bad weather conditions.

podłączyć Have you hooked up to the Internet yet?

wyciszyć (sprawę, aferę) The government will do anything to hush it up as one of the ministers was involved in the case.

zapisać coś szybko She called the helpline and jotted down a few telephone numbers.

relaksować się Tonight I just want to kick back in front of TV.

zrzucić buty She rushed into the house, kicked off her shoes and ran upstairs.

potrącić (o samochodzie) She is in hospital after being knocked down by a car.

zwalać z nóg All these drinks yesterday just knocked me out. His doctor gave him some tranquilizers that have knocked him down.

knuckle down
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przysiąść nad czymś He usually does nothing all year round and knuckles down right before the exam.

'wylądować' He landed up living in a cardbox under the bridge.

lavish on/upon
empezar lección
nie szczędzić, nie żałować His parents lavish a lot of money and attention on his education.

zwalniać Many people working in this factory were laid off without previous notice.

ustawić w rzędzie She lined up her books on the shelf.

litter with
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zasypać, zapełnić His inaugural speech was littered with cliches and empty rhetoric.

look down on sb
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pogardzać, parzeć z góry She looks down on people of lower financial status than hers.

szukać I'm looking for a room to rent. Do you know of any in this area?

'wisieć' nad kimś I can't fully relax with my exams looming ahead.

wyłaniać się, majaczyć The castle's gloomy silhouette loomed up in the horizon.

zrozumieć, dostrzec, dosłyszeć I know this song but they sing so fast that I have never managed to make the words out.

wymyśleć I wouldn't believe her! I bet she has made the story up!

make up for
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nadrabiać, rekompensować She spends so much probably making up for the years when she was penniless.

pasować, zgadzać się They will have to be interrogated once again as their stories proved not to match up.

topić Put some butter on the pan and wait till it melts down. Then add onion rings.

wtapiać się She watched him for a while but then he merged in the crowd.

wymierzać The court meted out such severe penalty that even the victim was stunned.

eksperymentować Do not mess with mixing alcohol.

mess with sb
empezar lección
zadzierać z kimś Do not mess with him! He is eager to solve problems with his fists.

myśleć, zastanawiać się I hate going shopping with her! She mulls over everything for hours and then buys nothing.

przekazać Have you passed on the message I sent you?

oddać dług I will pay you back next week. Is that OK?

pay sb back
empezar lección
odpłacić się, odegrać się I'm going to pay him back for all these stinging remarks.

spłacić I hope to pay this loan off before the deadline.

wybrać We spent hours looking for presents and finally picked out some books.

przycisnąć kogoś He didn't tell me much. We will need to pin him down to details.

wkurzać (slang) She was absolutely pissed off with his behaviour.

wskazać, zwrócić uwagę She pointed out common writing mistakes her students should be aware of.

szlifować, odświeżyć His Spanish is not bad but he should polish it up a bit.

put down to
empezar lección
złożyć na karb czegoś She was unbearable yesterday but we put it down to the problems she has in her marriage.

odstręczać, zniechęcać Oh yeah, he is handsome but his manners put me off!

ględzić, rozwlekać I almost fell asleep when he started rambling on about his childhood.

sięgnąć po coś Could you reach out to press this button, please.

sprowadzać, doprowadzać do Their accusations reduced her to tears.

wspominać, odnosić się do czegoś In his academic writning he always refers to Profesor Johnson's research.

odnieść, odwołać się do czegoś Refer to user's handbook if you have any problems with the programme.

rely on/upon
empezar lección
polegać na He relies on her common sense in situations like this one.

przypominać, kojarzyć She reminds me of a girl I knew years ago.

uciec się do czegoś To gain their goals they even resorted to violence.

skutkować His negligence resulted in severe health problems.

wytrzeć You can write in pencil so if anybody wants to correct something just rub it out and write once again.

'zjechać' The press will run the Congress down for passing this bill.

sail through
empezar lección
zrobić coś z łatwością She sailed through all the examinations. We sailed through the passport control.

zaoszczędzić I want to save up for a new computer.

popisywać się, przechwalać się What a jerk! All he can do is just showing off!

wymknąć się Go for it! Don't let that opportunity slip away!

porządkować, rozwiązywać (problem) She needs to sort out things concerning their relationship.

'szarpnąć się', zaszaleć She needed some entertainment so decided to splash out in the city centre.

rozciągać się The forests spread out to the horizon.

stawiać na szali, ryzykować He staked his own reputation on and decided to support the strike.

stand up for
empezar lección
trwać przy swoich przekonaniach, zasadach You should always stand up for your beliefs.

zapobiec czemuś In this climate you should drink a lot of water to stave off dehydration.

wyrastać z czegoś, mieć początek His shyness stems from his low self-esteem.

trzymać się czegoś It looks yummy but I need to stick to my diet, you know...

zaopatrzyć się I think we should stock up with beer - your friends are coming tonight...

zniżać się do czegoś I don't think Sally would stoop to sharing the details of their intimate life with tabloids.

nabierać She was taken in by his lofty promises.

polubić I took to her the moment I saw her smile.

odróżnić They ceased fire as it was too dark to tell allies apart from enemies.

opierniczyć He told me off for not being ready with the project yet.

dorzucić coś gratis If you buy this coat, madam, we will throw the gloves in.

lądować The plane touched down safely and on time.

szmuglować, rozprowadzać They were charged with trafficking in drugs.

trigger off
empezar lección
pociągać za sobą This street fight may trigger off more serious events.

turn in/into
empezar lección
zamienić się w, przeistoczyć się You wouldn't recognize her - she has turned into a dedicated women rights fighter.

obudzić się He woke up too late and had to leave without breakfast.

zjeżdżać na pobocze I need a break, I'll pull in over there and we'll have some rest.

włączać się do ruchu Can you imagine it? I had to wait 5 minutes to pull out!

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