Phrasal verbs

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to stop or interrupt something suddenly, or to stop someone from speaking
empezar lección
cut off something/someone (We were cut off in the middle of our phone conversation.)
Na złość mamie odmrożę sobie uszy (to cause problems for yourself by trying to punish someone else)
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cut off your nose to spite your face (If you stay home because your ex-boyfriend is at the party, aren't you cutting off your nose to spite your face?)
wtrącić się (to interrupt someone who is talking)
empezar lección
cut in (I was talking to Jeff when Amy cut in.)
wykraczać poza (to include several things that usually are separated from each other)
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cut across something (Iron deficiency in women cuts across all socioeconomic levels.)
an informal photograph
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gasić, oziębiać, hartować (to satisfy a need to drink by drinking liquid, or to stop fire from burning
empezar lección
quench (We quenched our thirst at a mountain spring. Heavy rains quenched the fire.)
rozkładać coś na coś(to cause something to happen over a period of time, usually in stages)
empezar lección
spread something out (over something) (You can spread the payments out over six months if you want to.)

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