Phrasal verbs: bring

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bring about
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spowodować, przynieść efekty
bring on
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spowodować coś nieprzyjemnego
bring round
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przekonać kogoś do czegoś
bring out
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wprowadzić na rynek
bring up
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wychowywać; wspomnieć, przypomnieć
bring back
Yes, you can borrow my pen, don't forget to bring it back to me when you're finished." "This book is due tomorrow. I guess I should take it back to the library.
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oddać, zwrócić
bring off
No one thought Chuck could get an A in that course, but he brought it off.
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zdobyć, udać się
bring forward
They brought the date of the wedding forward so her cousins could attend.
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bring down
Strong winds brought down power lines across the region.
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strącać, obniżać, zwalić
bring in
Overseas students bring in more than Ł30 million a year in tuition fees.
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wprowadzać, przynosić
bring somebody out
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ośmielać kogoś

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