Phrasal verb with take

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to begin to have control of sth
empezar lección
take over
When he died his son took over as CEO.
face a problem
empezar lección
take (sth) in (your) stride
When you become a politician, you soon learn to take criticism in your stride.
start to like sth/sb; start doing sth often
empezar lección
take to
His wife took to her new neighbours at once. She was so depressed she took to drink.
suddenly start to be successful; start to fly (plain)
empezar lección
take off
Her singing career had just begun to take off.
empezar lección
take in
I had to read the letter twice before i could take it all in.
to be actively involved in sth
empezar lección
take part in
All the children took part in the Thanksgiving play.
to believe sth to be the truth without even thinking about it
empezar lección
take sth for granted
Some people take it for granted that everyone can speak english.

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