Nailing Negotations

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to nail sth
I nailed this report for John.
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doskonale coś zrobić
to roll up one's sleeves
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zakasać rękawy
Work at the post office is humdrum.
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banalny, monotonny
to elude sb
Negotiations is one of many skills which can elude the most capable of practitioners.
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wymyknać się, być dla kogoś niepojętym
Zuzanna is not sure-footed analyst.
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ogarnięty, kompetentny
The bedrock of medicine is anatomy.
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podłoże skalne; podstawa; fundament
to get th down
Some negotiations have a lot riding on them, so getting down the basics of deal-making is essential to success.
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opanować coś, załapać
Mike is very timid in bigger groups. He don't speak much normally.
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bojaźliwy, nieśmiały
to have something up in one's sleeve
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mieć coś w swoim rękawie
fallback position
What is my fallback position? Do I have a plan B?
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pozycja awaryjna
to keep something in check
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zachować coś w ryzach
to refrain from doing something
I refrained myself from fighting with Adam.
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do powstrzymania się od robienia czegoś
big enough
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zero sum game
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gra o sumie stałej
I think that Kuba is light-hearted.
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lekki, beztroski
Each small talk can fashion a cordial atmosphere.
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conductive to (doing) something
Cordial atmosphere is much more conductive to striking a deal
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sprzyjac robieniu czegos
confrontational hardball tactics
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konfrontacyjne taktyka Hardball
We would like a trade-off; reach a compromise.
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Stamina is very important while you're climbing.
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sound mind
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czysty / jasny umysł
to do the legwork
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odwalić czarną robotę
bring sth to the table
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mieć coś do zaoferowania
(to stay) cool under pressure
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zachować spokój pod presją
you'll see yourself becoming a nimble negotiator
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zwinny; zręczny
This is tragic situation, we reached a stalemate. We won't get to any solution.
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Tranquillo Pablo...
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prawdziwy; realny; autentyczny
rigid (truck)
rigid truck; where axles are fixed to the frame. which is separate from a tractor/trailer (aka semi) combo, where each piece has its own axles.
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sztywna (ciężarówka)
by no means / by all means
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w żadnym razie / pod każdym względem
clear - cut
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jednoznaczny, wyraźny
first hand
As an entrepreneur myself, I have experienced this red tape at first hand for many years.
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z pierwszej ręki; osobiście

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