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to be on a sticky wicket
I found myself on a bit of a sticky wicket when the boss saw me kissing his daughter at the cinema.
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to be on a sticky wicket inglés
być w tarapatach
the ball is in your court
Well, they invited you, so the ball is in your court now. Do you want to go out with them or not?
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piłeczka po twojej stronie, twój ruch
to let someone off the hook
We cannot let the government off the hook for what it has done.
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pozwolic komuś uniknąć kary
to have a head start
Billy liked to have a head start on his homework before leaving school so he had more time to play with his friends when he got home.
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mieć przewagę
to jump the gun
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from scratch
I definitely believe that Europe must start from scratch
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od zera
to call the shots
My staff has to do what I say because I'm the boss, and I call all the shots here!
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dyktować warunki
a ballpark figure
Give me a ballpark figure.
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wartość przybliżona

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