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(very bright) luminous
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(Bardzo jasny) lśniący
shining in the dark
Her large dark eyes were almost luminous.
(very colorful) vibrant
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(Bardzo kolorowy) jaskrawy
a vibrant colour is bright and strong
a painting full of vibrant reds and blues
(very competitive) cutthroat
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(Bardzo konkurencyjny) bezwględnie konkurecyjny
a cut-throat activity or business involves people competing with each other in an unpleasant way
Cut-throat competition is keeping prices low.
(very depressed) despondent
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(Bardzo przygnębiony) przybity
extremely unhappy and without hope
He was becoming increasingly despondent about the way things were going.
(very dry) arid
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(Bardzo suchy) wysuszony
arid land or an arid climate is very dry because it has very little rain
Water from the Great Lakes is pumped to arid regions.
(very fancy) lavish
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(Bardzo elegancki) pełen przepychu
large, impressive, or expensive
The restaurant has a lavish dessert menu.
(very heavy) leaden
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(Bardzo ciężki) ołowiany
if your body feels leaden, you move slowly, because you are tired, unhappy etc SYN heavy
She stumbled forward, her legs leaden.
(very high) soaring
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(Bardzo wysokie) podniebny
soaring real estate prices
(very hot) sweltering
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(Bardzo gorący) duszny, parny [np. dzień]
extremely hot and uncomfortable
As sultry (duszny) as a sweltering day in August.
(very lazy) indolent
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(Bardzo leniwy) gnuśny
showing no real interest or effort:
an indolent wave of the hand
(very long-term) enduring
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(bardzo długoterminowy) długotrwały, nieprzemijający
continuing for a very long time
the enduring appeal of Shakespeare’s plays
(very loose) slack
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(Bardzo luźna) wiotki, sflaczały
hanging loosely, or not pulled tight
Keep the rope slack until I tell you to pull it.
(very messy) slovenly
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(Bardzo brudny) niechlujny, zaniedbany
lazy, untidy, and careless
a slovenly way of speaking
(very nervous) apprehensive
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(Bardzo zdenerwowany) lękliwy
worried or nervous about something that you are going to do, or about the future
We’d been a little apprehensive about their visit.
(very pale) ashen
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(Bardzo blady) popielaty
looking very pale because you are ill, shocked, or frightened SYN white
His face was ashen.
(very poor) destitute
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(Bardzo biedny) w nędzy
having no money, no food, no home etc
The floods left many people destitute.
(very quiet) hushed
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(Bardzo cichy) przyciszony
quiet because people are listening, waiting to hear something, or talking quietly
A hushed courtroom awaited the verdict.
(very shiny) gleaming
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(Bardzo lśniący) promienny, błyszczący
shining brightly
gleaming white teeth
(very shy) timid
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(Bardzo nieśmiały) płochliwy
not having courage or confidence
a policy that is both timid and inadequate
(very smooth) sleek
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(Bardzo gładki)
smooth and shiny
sleek black hair
(very soft) downy
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(Bardzo miękki) puchowy
covered in or filled with soft fine hair or feathers
the baby’s downy head
(very thirsty) parched
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(Bardzo spragniony) cholernie spragniony
very dry, especially because of hot weather
He raised the water bottle to his parched lips.
(very upset) distraught
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(Bardzo zdenerwowany) zrozpaczony
so upset and worried that you cannot think clearly
elatives are tonight comforting the distraught parents.
(very weak) frail
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(Bardzo słaby) słabowity, wątły
something that is frail is easily damaged or broken
- someone who is frail is weak and thin because they are old or ill - frail elderly people - her frail health
(very wide) expansive
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(Bardzo szeroki) rozległy
very large in area, or using a lot of space
She flung her arms out in an expansive gesture.
(very windy) blustery
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(Bardzo wietrznie) strasznie wietrznie
blustery weather is very windy
The last day of the finals was blustery and cold.
(very slow) sluggish
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(Bardzo wolno) powolny
moving or reacting more slowly than normal
Alex woke late, feeling tired and sluggish.
(very sad) morose
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(Bardzo smutny) posępny
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wytworny, elegancki
a man who is debonair is fashionable and confident
a stylish, debonair young man

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