Masterclass proficiency unit 1 page 22-23

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to start to talk about a particular subject. to care for a child until it is an adult
She wished she’d never ~~~the subject of money

come to terms with
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to accept an unpleasant or sad situation and no longer feel upset or angry about it
It was hard to ~~~ Marie’s death.

a soldier or a group of soldiers that enters a country or town by force in order to take control of it
~~~ ransacked the town.

public holiday [= national / bank holiday]
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a special day when people do not go to work and shops do not open; a day when almost everyone in a particular country does not have to go to work or school
Labor Day is a ~~~ in the US

a marked out area of ground on which a sport is played [= field]. how high or low a note or other sound is.
He ran the length of the ~~~ and scored.

to become involved in an activity with other people; to take part in sth that a group of people are doing or that someone else does
The other children wouldn’t let Sam ~~~.

on horseback
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riding a horse
police on ~~~

someone who is very interested in a particular activity or subject = fancier
~~~ are willing to pay up to $12,000 for an original copy of the book.

odzyskać nadzieję
We ~~~ when we saw the sign, knowing that we were close to home

stracić nadzieję
I’ve failed my driving test so many times I’m beginning to ~~~.

date from [= date back to]
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to write or print the date on sth
The cathedral ~~~ the 13th century./ Make sure you sign and ~~~ it at the bottom.

very tired and without any energy
felt completely ~~~ after they had all gone home./ You look completely ~~~ (= very tired) - why don't you go to bed?/

one of the smaller hills below a group of high mountains
the ~~~ of the Rockies/ Himalayas/ Pyrenees

encircle encircled
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o surround someone or sth completely, forming a circle around it
The house is ~~~ by a high fence./

an object that causes a feeling of great surprise and admiration:
We spent a week visiting the ~~~s of Ancient Greek civilization./ With all the ~~~s of modern technology, why has no one come up with a way to make aircraft quieter?

former the former
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happening or existing before, but not now [≠ present, = previous]; having a particular position in the past [= ex-; ≠ present]:
~~~ US president, Jimmy Carter. Of the two theories, the ~~~ seems more likely.

(the wood of) a type of large tropical tree; a hard yellowish-brown wood that is used for making ships and good quality furniture
Because of the large ~~~ frame, Mama Tuyet occupied center stage on the altar./ It was about eight inches square and framed in black.

a form of exercise involving slow movements of muscles, originally practised in China

wycelować, mający na celu
The gun was ~~~ at a his head./ a program ~~~ at creating more jobs.

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when you learn about yourself and your beliefs
Her own journey/voyage of ~~~ started as she was recovering from a severe illness.

to change, or to make someone or something change
When she went back to her hometown, she found it had hardly ~~~ed./ They had to ~~~ their plans./ Her face hadn't ~~~ed much over the years.

to describe something or someone in writing or speech, or to show them in a painting, picture etc
Shakespeare ~~~s him as a ruthless tyrant./ The god is ~~~ed as a bird with a human head.

look down on
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o think that you are better than someone else, for example because you are more successful, or of a higher social class than they are
I’m sick of Ken ~~ing ~~ ~~ me the whole time./ Mr Garcia ~~ ~~ ~~ anyone who hasn't had a college education

swathe (swathed beds)
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to wrap round or cover with cloth
He came out of the hospital ~~~ed in bandages.

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a feeling of being happy, excited, and full of energy.
She enjoyed the ~~~ of jet-skiing.

to make someone less angry or stop them from attacking you by giving them what they want
This is seen as a move to ~~~ left-wingers in the party.

the price of a room in a hotel that includes breakfast and dinner; a hotel room combined with breakfast and either lunch or dinner
Expect to pay about Ł350 for a week's ~~~ in a three-star hotel

reap the benefits
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to get something, especially sth good, as a result of what you have done
But it was Margaret Thatcher who ~~~ed all the ~~~.

1. to become interested in a new activity and to spend time doing it. 2. to start a new job or have a new responsibility
I’ve just ~~~n ~~~ golf. The program ~~~s ~~ a lot of memory on the hard drive.

make it easier
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The software ~~~s ~~ ~~~ to download music. Having you here does make things a lot easier for me.

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sth that stops you paying attention to what you are doing

to make it difficult for something to develop or succeed
The bad weather is ~~~ing rescue efforts

a person or company that makes a particular type of goods car/film/shoe etc ~~

take part in
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to be involved in an activity, sport, event etc with other people
Ten runners ~~~ ~~ ~~ the race

someone who has a lot of knowledge about yoga, and who often teaches it to other people

to go or travel towards a particular place, especially in a deliberate way
A boat ~~~ing ~~ the shore

something that you do without thinking, as a reaction to a situation
Blinking is an automatic ~~~

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a type of alternative medicine in which areas of the feet are touched or rubbed in order to cure medical problems in other parts of the body

having a good effect

to represent, mean, or be a sign of something
Some tribes use special facial markings to ~~~ status.

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he importance of an event, action etc, especially because of the effects or influence it will have in the future

deserving or able to be believed or trusted
The complaint would be more ~~~ if he could remember more specific details.

to interrupt someone or become involved in their private affairs in an annoying and unwanted way; to go into a place or situation in which you are not wanted or not expected to be
I’m sorry to ~, but I need to talk to you.


to be strong enough to remain unharmed by sth such as great heat, cold,

straight up or vertical; standing or sitting straight up

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good or satisfactory [= decent]
She earns a ~ salary.

a curved structure of bones in the middle of your foot; the raised curve on the bottom of your foot

a support with three legs, used for a piece of equipment, camera etc

hings that people wear on their feet, such as shoes or boots

having an unusual shape or a shape which is not natural or normal

to use your power, influence etc in order to make something happen
Environmental groups are ~~~ing pressure on the government to tighten pollution laws.

exert yourself
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to work very hard and use a lot of physical or mental energy; to make a mental or physical effort
I was too tired to ~~~ myself.

a modicum of sth
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a small amount of sth good such as truth or honesty or a good quality
There's not even a ~~~ of truth in her statement.

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