Marzena problems

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super aktywny
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kapać, woda kapie, kroplówka
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dripping, water i dripping, drip

soak, soak the beans overnight in water

krążek hokejowy
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hockey puck

wykręcić rzecz i czas
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wring sth, squeeze and twist (something) to force liquid from it. she wrung the cloth out in the sink


rozwikłać, rozp[lątac
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unravel, they were attempting to unravel the cause of death, There are some threads that once pulled unraveled the whole sweater

potok, strumień, ulewny deszcz
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torrent, torrential rain

targować się
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czekają w blokach na ławce idiom (jeszcze nie gotowwi ale zaraz będą)
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wait in the wings, The team has several talented young players waiting in the wings.

swap, we swapped phone numbers

kuchenka, piec
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mały problem, zmarszczka
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główny problem (na początku firmy, projektu)
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teething problem

ala bółka z masłem dot problemu
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spot of bother, to emphasize that problem is small and not serious

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to neglect, animals dying through disease or neglect, the old churchyard has been sadly neglected

pracowity, pilny
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wada, skaza, niedogodnosć
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flow, drawback, plates with flaws in them were sold at the outlet store, the main drawback of fitting catalytic converters is the cost

przeszkoda, komplikacja
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hitch, a slight problem or difficulty which causes a short delay, everything went without a hitch

porażka, niepowodzenie, niepomyślność
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setback, an event which delays or reverses your progrss, a serious setback for the peace process

kłopot, kłopotliwe położenie
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predicament, quandary a difficult, unpleasant, or embarrassing situation. the club's financial predicament

lokal teren
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zaostrzyć pogarszać
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exacerbate, deteriorate, the forest fire was exacerbated by the lack of rain, relations between the countries had deteriorated sharply


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overcome, she worked hard to overcome her paralyzing shyness

rectify, mistakes made now cannot be rectified late

gdzie jeest haczyk idiom
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where's the catch

wrzucić kij w szprychy idiom, sabotować
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put / throw spanner in the works

zminimalizować problem
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iron out problem

istota problemu
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the nub of the problem

błachy banalny
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zawieszka systemu comp
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glitch, a draft version was lost in a computer glitch


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