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sprzeczne z intuicją
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counter intuitive

trzymać się (wczesniejszgo wwyboru)
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stick with previous choice


przetestować coś
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put sth to a test

reveal, show

doomed, lost

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sb is mean (negative), thrifty (possitive)

"efekt domina"
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ripple effect, the continuing and spreading results of an event or action."while their marriage made an impact on their friends, the ripple effect on family memberswas even more profound"

na rzecz, przez wzgląd na
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for the sake, for the sake of


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convict sb

donieść na kogoś
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turn sb in

grać zgorszenie
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play mischief

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zjawić się, znaleźć się, nadarzyć się
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turn up


najważniejsze jest to...
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bottom line is

git, stupid, But we need to improve and revitalise, not only for the old gits like me

outgoing, friendly and socially confident.

cuchnący, smierdzący
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malodorous, foul, stinking, smelly

przyznać się
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confess, he confessed that he had attacked the old man

mniejsza opłata kara
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lesser charge

stos też czasownik układania na stosie
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pile, he placed the books in a neat pile", she piled all the groceries on the counter

skazany na porażkę
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doomed to failure, the moving story of their doomed love affair

dominujący, przeważający
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prevail - to be most common or frequent; be predominant

winowajca, sprawca
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odstraszenie, nuklearne
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deterrence, nuclear deterrence

szkodliwy, ujemny
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stłumić, zdusić
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hamować, utrudniać
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inhibit, "cold inhibits plant growth

świnia - prosiątko
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pig - piglet

kot koteczek
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cat - kitten

krowa, cielę
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cow - calf

koń źrebię
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horse - foal

kaczka - kaczątko
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duck - duckling

pies - szczeniak
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dog - puppy

koza koźlę
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goat - kid

młode u zwierząt, wydać na swiat
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cub, the young of a fox, bear, lion, or other carnivorous mammal."Young tiger and lion cubs are passed amongst large groups of people so they can have a ‘cute’photo taken with a fluffy animal, ... during the first ten days after cubbing

stado (ptaków), a number of birds of one kind feeding, resting, or traveling together., stado mew
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flock, flock of gulls

stado (zwirząt)
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herd, a large group of animals, especially hoofed mammals, that live, feed, or migrate together or are kept together as livestock."a herd of elephants"

pakiet, wiązka rzeczy
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bundle, a collection of things, or a quantity of material, tied or wrapped up together."a thick bundle of envelopes

tłum (ludzi)
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mob, a large crowd of people, especially one that is disorderly and intent on causing trouble or violence."a mob of protesters"

stos sterta (rzeczy)
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"stack, pile a pile of objects, typically one that is neatly arranged.

""a stack of boxes"""
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"" A stack of boxes "" "


swarm, a large or dense group of insects, especially flying ones.

ławica, ławica leszczy
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shoal, a large number of fish swimming together."a shoal of bream"

garść, kiść, bukiet (czegoś)
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a gathering or collection of people, animals, or things."large congregations of birds may cause public harm"

clump, a compacted mass or lump of something."clumps of earth"


sztućce, widelec
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cutlery, fork

od ręki, bezceremonialne, nieprzemyślane, od czapy
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offhand, without previous thought or consideration, ungraciously or offensively nonchalant or cool in manner

podstępny, potajemny, skryty
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od reki bez namysłu
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out of hand

hat in hand

wręczać, doręczać
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to hand

z dnie na dzień, od 1 do 1
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hand to mouth - with barely enough money for immediate needs; "they lived form hand to mouth"

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high-handed, using power or authority without considering the feelings of others.

braki personalne
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short-handed, not having enough or the usual number of staff or crew.

z pustymi rękami
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empty-handed, having failed to obtain or achieve what one wanted.

w pojedynkę
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single-handed, done without help from anyone else.

umyć ręce od kogoś czegoś
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wash one's hands of someone or something

mieć udział w czymś
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to have a hand in, to be concerned in; to have a part or concern in doing; to have an agency or be employed in

mieć "śilną rękę"
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to have the upper hand, A position of control or advantage.

"być w temacie"
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keep sb hand in, to practise a skill often enough so that you do not lose the skill I do a bit of teaching now and then just to keep my handin.

wolny wybór
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free hand

wygrać łatwo "spacerkiem"
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to win hands down

powinien, powinien przestrzegac prawa
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ought, they ought to respect the law"


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