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can't make head nor tail of it
to be completely unable to understand something
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nic z tego nie rozumieć
be in the loop
to be or not to be part of a group of people who make important decisions
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być w grupie podejmującej decyzje
get the wrong end of the stick
to understand situation in completely the wrong way
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nic nie zrozumieć
hear something on the grapevine
to hear about something because information has been passed from one preson to another in conversation
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usłyszeć z plotek
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rumour has it
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Plotka głosi,
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to get it straight from the horse's mouth
if you get or hear information you are told it by someone who has direct knowledge of it
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z pierwszej ręki
to be like talking to a brick wall
used to say that it is annoying to speak to someone because they do not pay attention to you
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mówić jak do ściany
pay attention to
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zwracać uwagę na
put somebody in the picture
to give someone all the information they need to understand a situation, especially one that is changing quickly
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wprowadzić kogoś w coś
to talk at cross-purposes
if two people are at cross-purposes they don't understand each other because they are talking about different things but fail to realize this
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nie rozumieć się kompletnie wzajemnie
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źle zrozumieć
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mylnie interpretować
miss the point
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pomijać kwestię
don't get me wrong
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Nie zrozumcie mnie źle
lose the plot
to suddenly be unable to understand what is happening, especially when people expect you to understand and deal with it
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stracić wątek
be on the same wavelength
to have the same or different opinions and feelings as someone else, speak the same language
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nadawać na tej samej fali
be in tune with
to have the same ideas and attitudes as a group
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być w zgodzie z
beat about the bush
to avoid or delay talking about something embarassing or unpleasant
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mówić ogródkami
put it in nutshell
used when you are starting the main facts about something in a short-clear way
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sum up
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to cut a long story short
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krótko mówiąc
tending to do things very quickly, without thinking carefully first
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if an unpleasant feeling or problem festers it gets worse because it has not been dealth with
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using cruel words or physical violence
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to suddenly give someone a lot of work, problems to deal with
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zapchać kogoś
be swamped with work
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być zawalonym robotą
be inundated with
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być zalewani
peek at
to look quickly at something from behind someone else
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zerknąć na
very distant
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be better off
having more money than someone else or than you had before
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być lepiej sytuowanym
continuing to exist for a long time or for all the time in the future
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pretend to be, pretend to do, pretrend that
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udawać, udawać, robić, pretrend, że
live a lie
to pretend all the time
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żyć w kłamstwie
keep up appearances
to pretend that a situation exists in order to deceive something
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zachować pozory
make somebody out
understand somebody
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zrozumieć kogoś
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reluctant to speak
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face to face
looking at another person
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twarzą w twarz
get away
not be caught or punished when you have done something wrong
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make up
pretend something is true in order to deceive people
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oszukiwać, przyszykowywać coś
pitch to
aiming an idea or product at someone
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kierować na
voicemail message
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wiadomości poczty głosowej
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