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término definición
które jest (używamy do wyjaśnień tego wspomnieliśmy wcześniej)
Using relative clauses is very common for giving more information. They’re really useful for fluency
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which is (we use to explain that we mentioned earlier)
I studied Social Science, which is, umm, it’s quite a mixed subject
na chwilę
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for a while
I finished there and I worked in an office for a while
expressions which mean ‘great, excellent, good
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‘wicked’ and ‘cool’
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You live nearby, right?
Oni zostali przejęci przez
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They were taken over by
‘they were taken over’ means that the club was bought by new owners. If a company is ‘taken over’ it means that another company buys the majority of its shares, and then becomes the boss of that company
pozostawać w nadzieji
Pozostaję w nadzieji
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live in hope
I live in hope. to live in hope means that you are always hoping for something. In this case, Ben is living in hope that QPR will become a big & successful London football team.
krawędź, skraj
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edge, the edge
to jest na wybrzeżu
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it’s on the coast
This means that the location is next to the sea, on the edge of the country.
na lądzie, to jest wewnątrz kraju
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it’s inland
this means it is not on the coast, but in the country. E.g. in Brazil Rio de Janeiro is on the coast, but Brazilia is inland.
złotówka straciła na wartości
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the zloty has dropped in value
This means that the economic value of the zloty has gone down
suddenly - B
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Before you know it, before you expect it
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to hassle, to disturb
In India, you are always hassled by people who want to sell you something, or offer you a taxi ride. Everyone wants you to use their taxi, or buy their products!
Nie jesteśmy przyzwyczajeni do tego rodzaju rzeczy w Londynie
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We are not accustomed to this kind of thing in London
we’re not used to that sort of thing in London
targować się
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to haggle
“you have to haggle for pretty much everything you buy” -To haggle means to negotiate the price. E.g. £10 – no £3! -no £7 – are you crazy? £5! – OK, £5.
Czy masz nie odebrane połączenie
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have you got a missed call
A missed call means that someone has called you but you didn’t answer and your mobile says ‘you have 1 missed call’.
chory brzuch
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an upset stomach
An upset stomach means that you feel sick in your stomach.
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efekt uboczny
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the side effect
Asprin will stop a headache, but the side effect is a bad stomach

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