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término definición
mężczyzna (informal), mężczyźni
It’s an informal word
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a bloke, blokes
It’s an informal word that British people use to say ‘man’. It’s not rude, but it is quite informal. People use this word a lot
uporać się z czymś
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to deal with something, to cope with something
wyłączyć się (przestać być skoncentrowanym na czymś)
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turn off
means to lose concentration and stop being interested in it, e.g. if you’re reading a boring book you might turn off... We also say ‘turn off’ for TVs, lights, radios etc
concentrate or focus on something
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tune in
I found myself turning off and not tuning in
narzekać, jęczeć
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to moan
just back her up...
popierać - to support
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to back someone up
‘I don’t know’ or ‘I don’t care’ or ‘I don’t mind
najlepsza książka 2000-cznego któregoś roku
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Howard used it to mean “I’m not sure which year it was, but it doesn’t matter. The bestselling book of two thousand and whatever
to takie proste
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as simple as that
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you’re weak because you can’t make a decision...

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