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co ostatnio robiłeś?
(pytanie często używanie jak się z kimś nie widzieliśmy jakiś czas)
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What have you been up to? What have you been doing?
A: Not bad. What have you been up to? B: Not much. I’ve been working hard recently. Work is really busy at the moment... (‘up to’ – means ‘do’ or ‘doing’)
Powinieneś otrzymać odpowiedź od naszego działu wsparcia w ciągu następnego dnia roboczego
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You should receive a response from our support department within the next business day
poflirtować z kimś
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To flirt with someone
E.g. girls will laugh at a boy’s jokes, she might play with her hair, she might smile at him a lot, she might touch him on the arm and laugh... When a boy flirts with a girl he might try to make her laugh or show her how strong he is
fantazjować o kimś
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To fancy someone
This means that you think someone is attractive. E.g. “I really fancy Jane! I think she’s really good looking.”
podrywać kogoś
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podrywać kogoś inglés
To chat someone up
This is when you talk to someone to make them fancy you. E.g. when a man sees a nice woman in a bar, he might chat her up by asking her if she wants a drink. “Would you like a drink? Do you come here often? You’ve got beautiful eyes...”
iść z kimś na randkę lub chodzić z kimś
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To go out with someone
This has 2 meanings. 1 – It means that you go on a date with someone. 2 – It means you are someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend. E.g. “We’ve been going out with each other for 2 years. We’re getting married next year.”
psujący się związek (jeszcze się nie rozstaliście ale już się nie układa)
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To drift apart
This is when a relationship goes bad. You drift apart when you become interested in different things, and you don’t enjoy being with each other any more. It means that you slowly become bored with your partner.
rozstać się z partnerem (z kimś)
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To split up with someone
This means that the relationship finished. E.g. “Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston split up with each other a couple of years ago”
rzucić kogoś
This means that you leave your partner and end the relationship.
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To dump someone
E.g. “She’s really sad because he dumped her. He told her that he didn’t love her any more and that he didn’t want to see her again...”
jestem zadowolony z tego powodu
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I’m happy about that
mam na myśli (początek zdania wyjaśniającego o co nam chodzi)
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I mean
You don’t have to say it is brilliant. I mean you can be honest, for example...
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first of all
myślę że to jest bardzo powszechne
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I think it’s very common
zapisać się
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sign up
you’re going to sign up to an online dating agency

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