Lesson 5B 26.03.2018

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término English definición English
to dwell on something
He's still dwelling on his divorce
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to spend a lot of time thinking/talking about sth unpleasant
to lay the blame at somebody else's doors
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to blame sb else, say that it's their fault
He owns a lot of property
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land and buildings
to get on the property ladder
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to buy your first property
to take sth up
She took up smoking when she moved to Paris
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to start doing sth
to make up (with sb)
Tom still hasn't made up with Alice
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to become friendly with sb again after an argument
to fall out (with sb)
I fell out with my parents when they caught me smoking
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to stop being friendly with someone after an argument
It's no use crying over spilt milk
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there's no point feeling bad about sth that's happened and can't be changed
to give sth up
He gave up smoking
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to stop doing sth that you do regularly
in the long run
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not immediately, at some point in the future
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the feeling that you want to thank sb
out of character
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not what you would expect that person to do
to fancy sb
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to be attracted to sb

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