Lesson 5B 19.03.2018

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término English definición English
to drive somebody up the wall
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to annoy somebody
to infuriate
infuriated, infuriating
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to make someone extremely angry
it drives me mad
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it annoys me
to frustrate
frustrated, frustrating
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to annoy sb by stopping them from having/doing sth
to embarrass
embarrassed, embarrassing
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to make sb feel nervous, ashamed, or stupid in a social situation
to exhaust
exhausted, exhausting
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to make sb extremely tired
to disappoint
disappointed, disappointing
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to make sb unhappy because sth they hoped didn't happen
to amaze
amazed, amazing
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to surprise sb very much
to terrify
terrified, terrifying
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to make sb very scared
to inspire
inspired, inspiring
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to give sb the enthusiasm to do/make sth
to thrill
thrilled, thrilling
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to make sb feel very excited and pleased
to impress
impressed, impressive
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if sb ... you, you admire them
to stress
stressed, stressful
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to make worried or nervous
to delight
delighted, delightful
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to give sb a lot of enjoyment or pleasure
to offend
offended, offensive
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to make sb upset or angry by saying or doing sth
to turn up
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to come somewhere, arrive (often unexpectedly)
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soft thin paper used to wipe your nose

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