Kinds of treveling

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a trip or a journey in a car
Students went on an excursion to the Natural History Museum.
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a short trip made either as a tourist or in order to do a particualr thing
Studenci pojechali na wycieczkę do The Natural History Museum.
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a trip by an airplane
/ˈdʒɜːni/ !!!
I'm going to Milan by train. The journey takes about 7 hours
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the process of travelling from one place to another by land, air, or sea
Jadę do Milan pociągiem. Podróż zajmie mi około 7 godzin.
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a trip in a car or bus or on a bicycle, motorcycle or animal
I've always wanted to go on a sightseeing tour of Europe.
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a trip with visits to various places of interest for business, pleasure, or instruction
Zawsze chciałem pojechać na jakąś wycieżkczę (zwiedzanie) Europy.
He went on a business trip to Paris.
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the process of travelling from one place to another, staying there, usually for a short time, and coming back again
On pojechał na biznesową podróż do paryża.
The ship made the voyage accross the Atlantc.
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a long journey from one place to another in a ship or spacecraft
Statek odbył podróż przez Atlantyk.
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