FCE verb p. 5-6

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término definición
approve of
Mum approved of his course of action and told him to go ahead.
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pochwalać coś
to accept sth
I accepted his offer.
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przyjmować coś
to miss
I missed the train so I have to wait for the next one.
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nie trafić, przegapić coś
to neglect
The garden has been so neglected that weeds are growing everywhere.
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zaniedbać, nie dbać o coś
to neglect to do sth
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nie zrobić czegoś
to spoil
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spoilt child
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rozpieszczone dziecko
to waste
I'm afraid our efforts were wasted.
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to manage
He finally managed to contact her.
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radzić sobie, poradzić sobie
to achieve
He has achieved something worth-while in his work.
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osiągnąć cel, rezultat
Osiągnął coś interesującego w pracy
to enable
His strength enable him to lift the weight.
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umożliwić, stworzyć warunki do czegoś
to succeed in doing sth
He finally succeed in reaching the top of the montain.
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odnieść sukces w, osiągnąć cel
to fetch sb
He has fetched the children to the cinema.
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przyprowadzić kogoś
to fetch sth
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przynieść coś
to lift sb/sth
He lifted the baby on to his shoulders.
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