Evans - CPE (Chpt 9&10)

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persuade sb to believe or to do sth by making false promises
He was flirting with me, but then he said he had a girlfriend. I was totally lead on.

take care

think about the future

think about one's past

look down on
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The new neighbor looks down on us because our house is very modest.

search for

pay a short visit

investigate/examine the facts relating to sth

watch sth without taking part

have a view
the window looks onto the garden

watch out; be careful

look out for
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1) search to find sth 2) be alert to see/find sb
Look out for an etremely vulgar lg in the movie.

examine (a place)
Please look over these papers. also: I think you had better have the doctor look you over.

rely on sb
Children look to their parents for help.

1) search for a word in a dictionary 2) visit (esp after a long time)

Bill really looks up to his father.

head for
We made for the door.

make off with
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steal sth & hurry away with it
He made off with the Diors.

1) complete sth 2) claim to be 3) discern 4) understand
1) I made out the application. 2) They made me out to be a liar. 3) I could barely make out the traffic signs through the rain. 4) I could not make out what she said.

transfer the ownership
She made over the property to her son.

make sth into
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They've made the spare room into an office.

1) invent (a story) 2) end a quarell 3) compensate for sth 4) put cosmetics on sb's face 5) form
1) She made up a nice excuse. 2) They made up and kissed each other. 3) make up for lost time 4) After making up, I'm ready to go. 5) Ten years make up a decade.

make up for
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compensate sb for the trouble


The rainy weather ruled out a picnic for the weekend.


live on sb/sth
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get the money needed from
She has been living off (dictionary version) her savings since she lost her job in December.

live through
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experience over time
I know I can't live through another attack. (?)

reach the standard that maybe expected
A new technology did not live up to our expectations.

tolerate/accept sth & endure it
He disliked the situation but had to live with it.

have as a reaction

forget to include

pass to another subject

narrow down
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ignore, overlook


gradually stop using

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discover gradually

spread rumours

communicate, convey
He's very good at putting his ideas across.

put aside/by
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save for later use

put into confinement


write in a particular place

put down to
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attribute to
I put his bad humor down to his illness.

put forward
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put in (a request)
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make an official request

1) apply for 2) make an official request

1) discourage 2) postpone
1) The cheese looked nice but the smell put me off.

1) gain weight 2) pretend to have 3) advance 4) clothe oneself with 5) present
2) She said she felt ill, but she was just putting it on. 3) The car put on speed. 5) They're putting on `Hamlet' next week.

The fire brigade soon put out the fire.

give accommodation to
Sally is putting me up for the weekend.

put sth behind one
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deliberately forget
Janek wants to put the tragedy behind him.

put through
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1) carry sth out 2) cause sb to undergo (an ordeal)
1) put the project through on time 2) He put me through a lot of trouble.

put through to sb
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connect by telephone
The operator put me through on the office line.

put up with
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