Entertainment – English idioms and sayings

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término English
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A pupil who frequently makes jokes or pokes fun.
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class clown
Every class has its class clown who makes jokes all the time.

To make yourself appear foolish or stupid.
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to make a clown of yourself
I shouldn't have worn this costume, I made a clown of myself.

To be the centre of attention.
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to be in the limelight
She would do anything to be in the limelight.

Something that is very old-fashioned and should no longer be used.
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museum piece
This is not a computer, it's a museum piece.

A show or other event that has been organized in order to get people's support or to persuade them to buy something.
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dog and pony show
Every supermarket organizes a lot of dog and pony shows.

Something that we say which means that an event or activity must continue even if there are problems or difficulties.
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the show must go on
I don't like my work, but the show must go on, I have to earn my living.

To be in charge of an organization or an activity.
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to run the show
It is a huge project, I wouldn't like to be the one who runs the show, there's a lot of responsibility.

An event that provokes such a strong reaction that it stops whatever's happening.
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show stopper
His joke was a real show stopper, everybody just stared at him.

To sing with vigour or intensity.
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to sing your heart out
No matter that she sang out of tune, she really sang her heart out.

With lots of famous people.
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Every TV programme has its own star-studded event.

To win the greatest praise and to be better than anyone else.
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to steal the show
Jenny always steals the show, wherever she goes.

To make everybody laugh.
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to bring the house down
This comedy just brought the house down.

To make a fool of oneself.
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to be laughed out of court
I was laughed out of court when I asked who Lady Gaga was.

Entertainment- English idioms and sayings

Entertainment idioms is the crucial step for those who want to understand the the entertainment industry. Idioms are the best way to take the language to the next level and it is important to understand idioms when you hear them. Here is a list of idioms that refer to the entertainment industry and the people working in it

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