ELC CPE End of year vocab list

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Strike while the iron is hot
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take advantage of a situation

Strike it lucky
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get lucky

Strike a blow for
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do sth that supports sth

Strike gold
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make large profits


A quick fix
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it seems to be a solution but it won't last long

how long sth will live

a waste of money

Inflict damage
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cause damage

Serve a purpose
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have a purpose;-)

Perpetuate a myth
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make the myth last longer

Impart advice
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give advice

Blissful ignorance
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be happy because you don't know what's going on

the thing that causes sth else to happen

Bruised ego
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made to feel less important or not as good

sitting comfortably on a couch reading a book:-)

Ephemeral fad
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a temporary craze for sth

through rose-tinted spectacles
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thinking that things in the past were better than they really were


Rapturous applause
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enthusiastic appreciation from an audience

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too small to be noticed

impossible to understand

the annoing noise a small dog makes

strong and healthy

want to be like sb

the noise you make when you don't know they lyrics to a song

remove a label

happening often

to accept behaviour that is wrong

make sb feel an emotion or remember sth

to express

to lose a quality or thing

Let down your guard
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stop being careful

talk with no purpose

approve of sb's behaviour or actions

Writer’s block
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loss of inspiration

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Loosen sb up
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makes sb relax

accept defeat

very grateful because of help given

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really really really really good!

Doesn’t cut much ice
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doesn't make me change my opinion

attend a party uninvited

look for food

laugh at sb's misfortune

sth good that happens just when you need it

2 things happening at the same time

extreme happiness, perhaps more than is reasonable

extreme pleasure and happiness

a dangerous disease that can be spread from person to person (

able to pass from one person to another

short or quick

lasting for a very short time

Vanity case
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a box for travelling that a woman keeps her makeup in

having little energy

when the sugar turns into alchol when making beer

completely involved in sth

not easy to separate

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believing sth is true without proof

very interesting and exciting and making you want to watch or listen

very careful and with great attention to detail

extremely large / great OR a long film that contains a lot of action

most importantly

A concerted effort
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determined and serious

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to appear/happen

in the spotlight = receiving a lot of public attention

very bad

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to admire and respect sb very much, perhaps TOO much

sb who will legally receive money etc. from another person when he dies


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disapprove of

A mixed blessing
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it has good points and bad points

A golden handshake
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money paid to sb when they leave a job as a reward for good service

Dog-eat-dog world
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when people will do anything to be successful, even if it harms other people

bought quickly and in large numbers

Go with the flow
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do what other people are doing because it's the easiest thing to do

keen on sth


Hot under the collar
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angry or embarrassed about sth

Keep abreast of sth
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stay up to date

Oozing with
empezar lección
full of

Second to none
empezar lección
the best

Life in the fast lane
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sex, drugs and rock'n'roll'n'English classes

Harbour (v)
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to hide sth/sb

a person who is lazy and lives by other people working, giving them money -- OR -- an animal that lives in/on another animal/plant of a different type and feeds from it

Pull together
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to work hard as a group to achieve sth

any small organism that can cause disease

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a feeling of satisfaction that prevents you from trying harder

a state of confusion without order

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wanting money but not wanting to spend it

believing that people aren't sincere

blocked / full of

living for a long time

scared by sth

to spread ideas among a lot of people

the become dry and smaller

lose consciousness

Pull through
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recover after an illness etc

regain consciousness

Cotton on to sth
empezar lección
begin to realise sth

look at someone appreciatively;-)

Know your onions
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know what you're talking about

The squints
empezar lección
cross eyed

be greater or more important than sth else

A sobering thought
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making you think about serious matters

to talk to sb in a forceful, angry way

intentionally not follow a rule or law

Seethe inglés
to feel angry but unable or unwilling to express it clearly

get things by asking for them instead of buying or working for them

pull sth forcefully with a quick movement

Shoulder responsibility
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take the responsibility for sth

Thumb a lift
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accept a situation

a solid piece of sth e.g. a blood clot

sudden, painful tightening of the muscle

physical harm or damage to sb's body

cause an injury to a joint by a sudden movement

to complain about sth in an annoyed way (old people often grumble!)

too serious and disapproving

sb who often argues and makes difficulties

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to express sympathy with sb about some bad luck

A double-edged sword
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it has good points and bad points

to tease sb

Contagious disease
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passed from person to person

Holistic medicine
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treatment that deals with the whole person, not just the injury or disease


an amount of money spent for a particular purpose, especially as an investment

to replace sth because it's old

until now/until that point

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low in quality and cheap in price; intended for people who are poor or uneducated

Call a spade a spade
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to say what sth is really like

A bolt from the blue
empezar lección
a big surprise

to lose your temper

Get your wires crossed
empezar lección
a misunderstanding

knowledgeable about sth

very detailed, or having lots of small parts

to move your hand in a way that tells sb to come nearer

Be receptive to sth
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willing to listen and accept new ideas and suggestions

to ask sb so many questions they can't deal with them

having your attention completely so you can't think about sth else

At sb’s disposal
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available to be used by sb

happening only sometimes and not regulatl

A tree hugger
empezar lección
an environmentalist

to cause great damage to sth

to remove the covering of sth, especially land

Frequent (v)
empezar lección
to go somewhere often


careful and avoiding risks

to go out drinking

empezar lección
not worrying about the results of your actions

tasting or smelling horrible because it's not fresh

suddenly start talking after being quiet for a long time

Steer clear of
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Sumble across
empezar lección
find by chance

Eat my words
empezar lección
I admit that I was wrong

Take issue with
empezar lección
I disagree with sth

about to happen

empezar lección
providing lots of useful info

statements of opinion about sth you have done

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to give a possible but not yet proved explanation for sth

to guess possible answers to a question without enough information to be sure

to make certain of sth

cause sth to happen

Cash dispenser
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ATM, cash machine

Cloud computing
empezar lección
networked computers

Closed-circuit television
empezar lección
security cameras

Tie the knot
empezar lección
get married

Call the tune
empezar lección
in charge

Carry a torch for sb
empezar lección
in love with

At death’s door
empezar lección
very ill

take charge

without careful thought

A gut feeling
empezar lección
a sneaking suspicion

Chomping at the bit
empezar lección
ready and impatient

with strings attached
empezar lección
there are conditions to be met

hit the roof
empezar lección
get really angry


up the duff
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an extramarital affair
empezar lección
she's not your wife!;-)

platonic relationship
empezar lección
just good friends

living in sin

reveal a secret by accident

bottle up problems
empezar lección
keep them inside

keep up appearances
empezar lección
make it look like you're fine when you're not

pull your weight
empezar lección
work as hard as other people in a group

pull the strings
empezar lección
control people or an orgnisation

run a tight ship
empezar lección
manage something efficiently

pull a fast one
empezar lección
trick sb


looking dishonest

lends itself to
empezar lección
is suitable for

get rid of

empezar lección
increase a lot and suddenly

pop the question
empezar lección
ask sb to marry you

is a disaster

empezar lección


add more details

empezar lección
unwilling to cooperate


empezar lección

the low noise of people talking indistinctly

a column of smoke rising into the air

the sound of walking in mud

the sound of breaking glass

a low noise, e.g. thunder or your stomach when you're hungry

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